Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Sync /Unread Email Issue

After upgrading Samsung Galaxy S5 to Android 4.4.2 user’s have facing many kind of issue and not only on Samsung devices but on Google’s own Nexus device. Right our subscriber are sending mails about Samsung Galaxy s5 Unread mail issues on default Email app, Microsoft Exchange Active sync and Outlook. So i started working on it to found all possible solutions, you can check our Guide for Galaxy Note 3 Email Sync Disabled Issue that i’ve posted last month.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Unread Email

Issues Reported by user’s: bwall04

If I read email on my desktop, it does not get marked as “read” on the S4.
If I DELETE email on the desktop, it DELETES on the S4
It all used to work perfectly before Kit Kat update
(Verizon Galaxy S4)
(IMAP email account)
Has anyone seen a fix yet. I have removed and recreated the account. When I do that it marks everything correctly (on the initial sync), but on subsequent syncs it does not mark the individual messages that I have read on the desktop as read.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Sync /Unread Email Issue:

Follow all the steps carefully in order to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Sync and Unread Email issues. These are very basic steps no software or app installation is required.

  • Open Settings on your Galaxy S5.
  • Then goto Account and Sync.
  • Now Enable, Turn on all.

This is will help because all of your Accounts will start the Sync and may be Unread email issue will be fixed.

  • Now goto setting again.
  • Go in to general Tab.
  • Now tap on the Accounts.
  • Select Mail app (activesync).
  • Add your login credentials.
  • Now check Ticked Synced Email.

After trying all the steps i am sure your Email Sync/Unread Email Issue will be gone for good. If there is no success after applying all these steps then try the following method.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Unread Email

  • On your home screen use three finger to drag your status bar down.
  • Now you will get lot of options like Multi window, GPS, Screen Rotation, Network Restriction and many more.
  • All you’ve to do is tap on Sync and your master sync will be enabled.
  • Now apps like mails, dropbox and all the others apps will auto sync and update your mails, contacts and photos.

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