Galaxy J3 looks to feature decent hardware as its specs have been leaked online


Samsung’s Galaxy J3 will cement its position as a phone that is targeted to the entry and mid-level smartphone market as its specifications have been leaked online. These specifications will be nothing compared to what a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ houses, then again we are not dealing with a flagship phone now, are we?

Galaxy J3

The Samsung Galaxy J3’s hardware according to the leaked specifications include an Exynos chipset that houses a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor. It is definitely not the fastest processor to be present in phones right now, but it will get the job done with you’re engaged in light tasks such as browsing and streaming.

Anything demanding such as a 3D game or a movie with an extremely high resolution and the processor and GPU combination will struggle to put out a fluid gameplay or movie session. The RAM has been leaked as 2GB, while internal storage is pegged at 16GB. Such a small amount of internal storage means that the Galaxy J3 will have space for expandable storage, but there’s no telling what is going to be the limit till you can expand that storage.

The 5-inch 720p display is nothing extraordinary and if you want to see something truly immersive and breathtaking in the form of a smartphone display, then we will advise you to increase your budget somehow. Overall, these specifications are geared towards a phone that will be targeted to mid-range and entry-level markets, but its popularity will also depend on the retail price Samsung decides to put on it.

As you can tell, there are a lot of good phones available from Chinese manufacturers that offer extremely good value. If Samsung is not able to price it competitively, then we fear the Galaxy J3 will be forgotten very quickly.

Let us hope it does not come to that.


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