Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth Issues [ Guide ]


If you are facing bluetooth issues on Samsung Galaxy S5, here’s how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth Issues. Samsung Galaxy S5 is the high devices released back in 2014 with new design and new hardware. As i was reading about Galaxy S5 issues the one which gave headache to a large number of users was bluetooth, i’ve seen many people reporting about Galaxy S5 bluetooth issues for e.g there is no bluetooth icon in settings, bluetooth is not connecting with car stereo, bluetooth sharing issues and much more. In the following guide i will explain you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 bluetooth issues, in order to fix this issue kindly follow all the steps carefully.


How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth Issues:

#1: First turn off your device and remove the battery, wait for 5 mins and insert it back and turn on you device.

#2: Turn on the Airplane mode and after few seconds turn it off.

#3: Goto settings from the app drawer.

#4: Click on the Application Manager from the list.

#5: Swipe left and choose all tabs.

#6: Now from the list Tap on bluetooth.

#7: Tap to stop it forcefully.

#8: Now tap on clear the cache.

#9: Clear the bluetooth data.

#10: Now Tap on OK.

All Done !

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  1. Hi. I can’t pair my Samsung S5 to the bluetooth in my car. Under applications manager, there is no Bluetooth – well, there is Bluetooth Share, But no way to clear cache?

    • I have the same problem. . . no Bluetooth app under application manager. Did you find a solution?

  2. My bluetooth headphones wouldnt connect so I went to go clear the cache from the intructions but when I go to application Manager there’s no Bluetooth that I can forcefully stop. There’s no Bluetooth please help

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