Fix Delayed Notifications in Android Devices

Although, I never liked the iOS, especially when it comes to updates and their stupid restrictions over every-other thing, however, one thing that I liked in iOS devices from the start is the Quick notifications about the apps and other stuff, something that is not there in Android, however, not with everyone, only  a handful of users have complained that they are having delays while receiving the notifications about updates and messages and other stuff. But that is not permanent, I mean it can be fixed, since it is related with apps only, there are things that can be fixed with doing a little bit if extra caution.

The thing about these delay is that their time vary, sometime it is a matter of seconds and sometimes they take over 15-20 minutes to update you about something. Such time can cause a lot of trouble, especially if you are engage in a epic war of comments with someone, or waiting for a reply. So here we are to tell you How you can fix this Delayed Notification problem, the solutions are simple and easy, so just follow the guide and all is well.

Fix Delayed Notifications in Android Devices

1. Make sure that Power Saving Mode is not doing this.

Most of the times, users turn on the Battery Saving mode, simple cause they want their device to last longer in terms of battery timing, but one thing that Battery Saver does,is that it doesn’t pay attention to every app ,so those who are not included in the List of Battery saver, they are sure to not give you any notifications about it.

2. Let the Background Apps Running.

Now that is something we all do, after a little use we have a tendency to kill all the apps running in the Background. This simply clear the App and it will have to start from the Scratch, doing so will stop the app working and everything that is related with it, including the notifications.

3. Control the Android Heartbeat Interval.

Android Heartbeat Interval simply means the time taken to reach the Google Messaging servers to start the Push Notifications of several apps. By default that time is 15 minutes on Wi-Fi and 28 minutes on 3G/4G. This might work for most of us, but some are not comfortable for such long time. Push Notifications Fixer is an app for rooted devices, that helps you in changing this Heartbeat interval to lesser or more time. Download, Install it and do however you like.

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