Enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Setting On Android Devices

We all know that Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is far way better than the English version. Moreover, with the recent update of 60FPS Setting in Chinese PUBG Mobile, it’s very clear that Tencent has more attention to the Chinese market rather the other markets. We’ll if Tencent has left us hanging no worries, we can easily enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Setting On Android Device.

We have tried both versions and trust me Chinese version is buttery smooth then the latest English version. That is the main reason behind this guide, we’ll make the English version just the like Chinese version in terms of performance. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Setting On Android

How To Enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Setting On Android:

Now in order to Enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Setting On Android, you need to download some files and add it to Android data folder. But before doing that, you need to do few more things.

Enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Setting:

  • Launch PUBG Mobile English version on Android device, when you get in the lobby you’ll be asked to log in. But you don’t need to log in, look for repair option and Tap on it. After few seconds, PUBG Mobile game will kill itself.
  • Re-launch the PUBG Mobile game and log in with your Facebook account or either as a guest. Head over to the settings, change the graphics selection to ANYTHING ELSE and quit the game.
  • Now you have to download the compress files which will be used to enable PUBG Mobile 60FPS Settings. Use the links below.
  • 60 FPS from here.  | 50 FPS from here.
  • Once you have downloaded the compressed file, Unzip the file and you’ll get a file named ShadowTrackerExtra.
  • Download the Root Explorer and head over to the Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/UE4Game. Now copy the ShadowTrackerExtra file and make sure you overwrite the file that’s already there.
  • Close the file manager and Launch the PUBG Mobile game.

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Now when you start playing the PUBG Mobile game, you will notice a difference in the FPS performance and this is because of the graphics settings are now removed from the PUBG Mobile English version. That’s all.

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