Download Wallpapers & Pictures [ How To ]

With the help of this guide, you can learn how to download Wallpapers & Pictures on your PC. Whenever we purchase a new computer, the first thing we do is to customize it. There are many ways to do so but the one which is most common, setting up a desktop background. Now there are several ways to set a Wallpapers on your desktop. Moreover, every computer comes pre-loaded with stock Wallpapers.  

However, to be honest, the stock Wallpapers comes pre-loaded are limited and boring too. But if you go online, there are hundreds of Websites which will offer you free Wallpapers and Pictures for your desktop PC. You can download these awesome Wallpapers for your Computer. In this post, we will guide you how you can download Wallpapers form the Web. Moreover, we’ll also tell you how to set these Wallpapers as your Desktop Backgrounds.

Download Wallpapers & Pictures

Download Wallpapers & Pictures:

We have broken this article into two steps, in the first step, you will learn Downloading Wallpaper and in the next, we will tell you how to set up.

Downloading Wallpaper:

  • Open up your browser, head over to the Website from which you want to download the Wallpaper.
  • Now choose the desired Wallpaper, Animation, GIF you wish to download. Select the Wallpaper and simply right click on the image, click download. Or right click on the image and click Save.
  • Some sites provide animated pictures. Once you have downloaded the animation. It will be a .exe file. Double Click on the file and select Run. When the installation starts, you need to select, Install Add-on.
  • Once you are done with the installation. Right-Click anywhere on the desktop and select Properties. On the Next page, Click on Desktop Tab. All you have to do is locate the recently installed Wallpaper. In the End, click on Apply.

Downloading Pictures:

  • Head over to the Website, select the picture you wish to download.
  • Right click on the picture, ” Save this image as …” or “Save picture as “.
  • Now select the location on your computer you wish to save the picture.
  • After you have downloaded the picture, right-click on the picture and select “Set as desktop background.”

That’s all.

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