Download Torrents on Android Device Using Vuze Official Downloader.


Vuze is an application that allows you to download Torrents from different platforms. Vuze Remote is another app that allows you to remotely control your Vuze actions on Computer, but if you don’t want to download Torrents on your computer but straightly to your Android device. There are plenty of options available, like uTorrent and aTorrent, though you want to use Vuze on your Android device, just because you like it too much. There is a good new for all of those lovers, Developers have created the Full Torrent Client for Android device. Vuze Torrent Downloader might not be Rich with features but it will get the Job done.


Once the Downloading and Installation is done, you will be on an Empty interface, it is normal since you haven’t added any Torrent yet. To Add any Torrent, tap the Search button in bottom bar, Type the desired Keyword and tap search. Once you find the Torrent, download it like any-other normal file, once the file is downloaded, you can add it to Vuze to download the Complete thing.


If you have any Magnet URL or Torrent Hash, enter it in the Field an Tap OK. If you want to use a Torrent file instead, tap Browse and you will be able to open a Torrent file saved in your device. You can use Tabs above to switch between torrent, the Torrent you loaded on Vuze will be shown in the Main Interface. You can see all the torrents, whether they are finished or currently downloading. The Pause and Resume button allows you to quickly pause and Resume the torrent. Tap any torrent to bring up a menu that allows you to Pause , Resume, Delete or open its storage location.


Tap the Menu icon on Top allows you to, Search For Torrents, Add a Torrent, Pause or Resume all torrents or remove them all, Settings or Quit Vuze. In Settings, you can Enforce Download or Upload Speed, toggle the option to download torrent, via Wi-Fi only, Set-up auto start on Start-up, Choose Refresh Interval or Choose an action after the Torrent has finished downloading.

Other Features Include:

  • Simple torrent search and discovery
  • Manage torrent downloads
  • Control torrent download/upload speed
  • Straightforward interface
  • Works for Android phones and tablets
  • Wi-Fi only setting
  • Task completion alerts
  • Auto-start on device reboot
  • Ad-free experience

Download Vuze Downloader For Android

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