Download Pre-Rooted BlueStacks 2 App Player


There is no doubt that BlueStacks App Player is the best available Android emulator at the moment. BlueStacks makes it very easy for Android enthusiasts to replicate their smartphone experience on their Desktop PCs and Laptops in the form of a tablet running on the screen.pic3

The BlueStacks does not only let you play your favorite Android games or run your favorite Android apps on your PC, but it also makes it possible to enjoy those HD graphics of applications on bigger screens.


BlueStacks – A Flashback

Gone are the days when you used to have memory issues to install something new or when you used to have the compatibility issues. BlueStacks is compatible with almost all of the games and apps out there. It is highly unlikely that BlueStacks will give you a compatibility error with any installation.

Back in 2015, BlueStacks was updated to BlueStacks 2. The new version was built from scratch. It came out of the curtains with a whole new UI. BlueStacks 2 brought a new toolbar which made it very easy to control the entire player.

The most wanted multi-window feature also made its way to the player. BlueStacks 2 made it smooth to run apps for PC. BlueStacks 2 was rooted immediately after it came out. The rooted version allowed you to run all those root-specific apps on your computer as well.

The method to root BlueStacks 2 required you to install third-party applications and then perform the operation. Many users, who are reluctant to the use of third-party applications didn’t find it a good idea. A piece of good news for such users has landed in. A pre-rooted version of BlueStacks 2 has just surfaced and now you can run the rooted BlueStacks 2 on the go.

The download link of pre-rooted BlueStacks 2 app player is attached here. Just go ahead and grab it, and then set it up on your computer to enjoy a new kind of Android experience on your Windows-powered computers.

Download Pre-Rooted BlueStacks 2 App Player

  1. Download pre-rooted BlueStacks 2 setup file and install it.
  2. Set-up BlueStacks 2 App Player now.
  3. Start running all the games and applications on your computer now.
  4. That’s all.



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  1. Heads up, I scanned the file and it came up clean for viruses, however, after I installed and launched it; Immediately my second monitor goes black, my mouse and keyboard stop functioning, and my hard drive is just going insane crazy with activity. I immediately restart my pc for fear of what is being installed and select a restore point. My last restore point was corrupted.. I then try to boot into safe mode, this was very difficult because whatever was wrong was messing with my boot so I used a boot recovery disk, finally i am able to boot to safe mode and find bluestacks will not let me uninstall. I manually remove the files, and I manually remove every reference for the program in my registry. I then do some more clean up. I reboot and then windows comes up normally like nothing is wrong. I don’t know if there is a virus or if the code is just that bad… but I don’t understand how bad code could cause so many problems. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU. THANK GOD I HAVE A COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREE OR THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE TO RECOVER FROM.

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