Download Original THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 on Android/iOS.


The King Of Fighters 98 a game which is know as the best game of century and no doubt this game has ruled over the years. I played that game when i was kid so did most of you people. You can download its all version and play it on PC using emulators, but today i got a good news for all those who are mobile geeks and love to play old arcade games on mobiles. Now you can download the original King of Fighters 98 on your iPhone and Android. There are many other version of this game but this one is the original KING OF FIGHTERS ’98.

Download Original THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98

Main Features of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98:

Following are the main features of the THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98. This game is paid you can purchase it by paying $3.6, its worth paying for.

★ The best game balance in the KOF Series!
“KOF ‘98” is praised among KOF fans around the world as being the ultimate compilation of “KOF ‘94” ~ “KOF ‘97” titles and for its fantastic game balance. Moreover, this perfect port of “KOF ‘98” features 2 different gameplay modes, “EXTRA” & “ADVANCED”, and also includes a “TRAINING MODE” where you can master all your combos! “KOF ‘98” is also compatible with Bluetooth game controllers for the best gameplay experience ever!!

★ 38 playable characters!
In addition to the series’ iconic characters, “Iori” and “American Sports” teams as well as “Shingo Yabuki” and “Rugal Bernstein” edit characters return in “KOF ‘98” to complete the gorgeous roster of 38 characters and for a never ending dream match!

★ A NEOGEO Perfect Port with added features!
Play “KOF ‘98” with its original 4 buttons configuration, or use its unique control scheme of 6 button settings and the simplified special moves with the help of the “SP” button!

★ Challenge your friends via Bluetooth!
Dual with other KOF players via Bluetooth Multiplayer Mode for epic and unforgettable battles!

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(Download: The King of Fighters’ 98 for iOS / Android)