Download Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC and Laptop


This is the guide to download Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC. You can download the Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing Game for PC on Windows and macOS. This will work for all Desktop computers and Laptops.

Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC
Installing Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC on Windows 10

Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Tattoo artist but couldn’t become one? It’s time to fulfill your dream. No, you don’t have to become a Tattoo artist for real. You can become a virtual tattoo artist with the help of the Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing game.

This new game making its way to the top-charts of smartphone games is interesting. In the Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing game, players are the Tattoo Artists. They run a Tattoo shop. Customers come in, ask for Tattoos and you draw their desired tattoos.

The game starts off with a tutorial showing how you can draw a tattoo using the given tools. A sketch of the tattoo is shown on the screen. Players have to move the tool on the sketch to draw the tattoo. When you start using the tattoo machine, the customer gives you feedback in the form of an emoji. If you move away from the sketch, you get a sad/angry reaction. When you draw the tattoo properly, you get a heart or happy emoji.

Initially, players are given the idea of what pen they will use. Once you master the first two levels, you will not get the pen idea anymore. You will have to pick up the tool based on the kind of tattoo the customer needs. Using a wrong pen can result in negative feedback which will bring down the ratings of your shop.

As you level up, you will get complex tattoos. You have to be really efficient to stay on the lines. Going off the lines is not an option.

Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing is a free game. At the moment, it is available in the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. If you wish to play this game on the computer, you are going to need this guide. As you scroll down, you will learn how you can download Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC.

Download Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC

  1. Install an Android Emulator i.e. BlueStacks on your computer. Open the BlueStacks and log in using your existing or new Google Account.
  2. Launch the Play Store in the BlueStacks, find Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing and install it.
  3. Lastly, launch Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC in BlueStacks and start playing it.
Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC
Playing Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing for PC via BlueStacks

Final Words

To draw the tattoos in this game on the computer, the only thing you need is the mouse. Use the mouses’ right-click to draw the lines and also to fill in the tattoos. The game will run smoothly on any Windows 10/8/7 and macOS computer. If you have any questions regarding this game or this guide, feel free to use the comment section below. I will try my best to respond back as soon as possible.

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