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Home maintenance is a very important job for all of the care takers. Your kids will always come running to you and give you a list of what needs to be repaired and which part of the house needs to be maintained. Well that has always been a very tough and energy consuming job and requires a need for an assistant to help you and get done with all this stuff.

brightnest apk

brightnest apk free

Well I was actually amazed and felt blessed to see this app called BrightNest. The app is full of clever tips and reminders that are extremely helpful for everyday use.

The app requires you to sign up through a simple process to enjoy its amazing features. Once you do so mentioned, you will find a whole new world within the app to explore.


The app helps you explore so many topics and you are most likely to find awesome ideas related all the household stuff. The section is full of topics related to Kitchen maintenance, Garden maintenance, basement, garage, etc. Moreover it will give you interesting tips related to the use of various items in your wardrobe or kitchen cabinet, ideas to save money, get over with cleanliness issues, save and remain in your budget, also simple tricks for making your home look better, interior designing tips and so much more. The menu can be used to search a certain topic, add a task to the Calendar, see your favorites, schedule and check on completing a task.

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 brightnest apk download


The app is full of different articles on various topics. You can go through them and increase your knowledge, get home tips, exterior and interior ideas, DIY(do it yourself) related ideas and so on. The tasks you are looking for will be fully descriptive letting you know the things you will need and all the directions to do the tasks.

You can select any option from the following;

  • Savvy.
  • Clean.
  • Green.
  • Healthy.
  • Handy.
  • Creative.

Quiz and Questionnaires

In this section of the app, you will asked to take a certain quiz, answer specific questions by multiple choice type answers. The quiz is very helpful in letting the app know which area of the house is in need to maintained or which part of the household issue needs to be resolved. It can be of cleanliness problems related to pets and children as well as other general repairs, gardening, etc. Based on the quiz results, you will be given suggestions regarding, what and where to start with and which part should be maintained first. It will give you suggestions about the issue you need to take care of on daily basis.

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Another interesting feature of the app is that you can set reminders for the jobs you need to do, schedule the tasks for the next day, week or month. This will actually help you manage things more easily in a much more organized way. You will get an option to ‘Plan It’ on the calendar and get a reminder for that as well. You can also save it, if it involves a good tip for future use or you can even do the tasks right then.

BrightNest has so many amazing features and is truly a blessing. The app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Playstore. It will require Android 4.1 and above.

Download BrightNest apk for Android

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