Fix Coolpad Power Button Not Working Problem

Here you go guys, today you’ll learn that how to Fix Coolpad Power Button Not Working. Those who own CoolPad, I have seen them asking for solutions after their power button stopped working. To be very honest, the Power button is very important than all the other buttons. A single power button is involved in a lot of functions such as lock and unlocks the screen, Turn off and Turn on the device. Moreover, It is used for recovery, screenshots, soft resets and more.

Unfortunately, If you are in this situation then I can understand through what you are going. So that is why we are here to help all of you. Below are the best possible workarounds you can find to Fix Coolpad Power Button Not Working Problem. So let’s get started.

Coolpad Power Button Not Working

Fix Coolpad Power Button Not Working:

Heed the instructions below in order to Fix Coolpad Power Button Not Working. Keep that in mind, since it is a hardware issue, the best scenario is to head to the service center and get it fixed by professionals. However, if you are willing to try your luck, follow the instructions below.

One Click Root for CoolPad Devices

Check for wreckage:

Everyone should do this once they got to know that the power button is not working. Check the power button surroundings, see if there is some lint or dirt around the power button. It would be best if you use a needle to remove the debris stuck around the button. Please be careful with it or else you will damage the power key.

Put Some Pressure:

It might work for because sometimes your power button is stuck and because of that, it is not working. Put some pressure on it, press it over and over again with a little bit of force. Long press the power button and then let it go.

Power Button to Volume Button:

As the name suggests, this app does that. You can download Power Button to Volume Button app and it will move to power button functionality to the volume button. This is a worth trying option under circumstances you are in. However, there is only one flaw, your device screen must stay awake. This app is designed to keep your phone on high alert. Unfortunately, it will drain your device battery.

Replace the power key:

As I have told you earlier that the best solution is to take your device to the service center. Let the professional help you out and fix the Coolpad Power Button Not Working Problem.

That’s all.

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