Download Chrome Android 75 beta APK (Chrome Dark Mode)


The last stable release of Chrome Android has a hidden dark mode theme. It is the first time that public release of this app contains this feature. However, it still look far from polished and much in its infancy. Therefore, we are instantly seeing improvements in Chrome 75 beta. It contain an improved Chrome Dark mode / theme. Now instead of the option named “Dark Mode”, we see a “Theme” tab. In it, there are two options; Dark and Light. This is a not a huge change however it may mean that we will soon be able to add more themes to the Android’s Chrome version. Here you can download Chrome Android 75 Beta APK and install on any Android device.

Chrome 75 Beta Dark Mode / Theme Preview

We got out first look at Chrome’s take at dark mode in Chrome 74. However, it was far from perfect. The text color and background colors did not match well. Therefore, we expected quick fixes for these visual bugs. Thankfully, some of those issues are now gone. However, some new funny bugs are appearing in its place. For example, when you enable the dark theme in settings, the text in that screen totally disappears. We understand that it is still the Chrome 75 beta version. But still, these kind of blunders are not expected from this developer.

The previous version treated this as an on/off option. However, now it is more synchronised with Android OS. The first option here is “System default”. Since Android Pie onwards now comes with a dedicated Dark Theme, it would automatically enable the dark mode if it is enabled in Android settings. This is actually cool as it would automatically change the theme based on your system-wide settings.

download chrome android 75 beta apk

How to enable Dark Mode/Theme in Chrome 75 Beta Version

Since it is beta, we’d expect most of the experimental features to be available right off the bat. However, this is not the case once again. The option to enable dark theme will not appear in settings. It is actually hidden and here is how to unlock it.

  1. Open Chrome beta. 
  2. Tap on new tab icon.
  3. Now type “Chrome://flags” and open the page.
  4. This page shows all experimental features enabled or disabled.
  5. Search for “enable-android-night-mode” and you’ll see just one option.
  6. Change its status from default to enabled.Download Chrome 75 beta apk

Download Chrome Android 75 Beta APK

Follow the steps below to download and install it on your phone or tablet.

  1. Download Chrome Android 75 beta APK from HERE.
  2. Put it anywhere on your Android device.
  3. Now open a file manager and navigate to the folder where you put APK in step 2.
  4. Tap on its icon.
  5. Now system may prompt you to enable installation from unknown sources. Allow it.
  6. Then go back and tap on install button at bottom right of screen.
  7. Once installed, tap on Open/Launch button.
  8. That’s it! You can now follow the steps to unlock dark mode on Chrome 75 beta from previous section.

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