Change iOS Keyboard To Black or White In Any App – How To Guide.


The Jailbreak may not have been perfect from from the Offset, but at-least it motivates the Third-Party developers to create Some apps to delight the Jailbreak community. In terms of iOS 7 and 64-bit based tweaks and early previews of extensions show the bright future of Jailbreak world. One of them is called Bloard, it is one of the latest packages arrived at Cydia, with Bigboss Repo.


It might not be able to stretch itself in terms of innovation but it definitely have it self among jailbreak devices. This app is designed to work with any Apple native and Third party app that requires a Keyboard to input text. iOS 7 introduced the Keyboard, which features a more clean and clinical look. For all the developers, Apple SDK only allows them to put the White or Light Black Keyboard within their app.

Due to Which, most developers think that Apple only wants the look and feel of iOS 7 white, because it wants to make it light. The main reason why iOS 7 compatible apps are boringly white. Bloard exists to remove such things and give an amazing look to the Keyboard, a gorgeous looking Black Option.

After the installation of this package, users are allow to choose between two keyboards, a new option within the native setting app introduces a simple toggle, that allows users to turn the App On or Off. This is something to except from any app released now a days. Bloard is available free-of-cost download from Bigboss Repository and requires a Jailbroken device running iOS 7 or above. But on iOS 7.1 switching from White to Black is a native feature and this Tweak will be rendered redundant once it’s publicly released.

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