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CandyLink VPN is a free application to make your internet connection secure. During this on-going pandemic, the internet population has enormously increased. It is very important to protect yourself from hackers and attackers in these times. CandyLink VPN can help you do that on your phone and computer too. We will show you the steps to download the CandyLink VPN PC version. The CandyLink VPN for PC can be installed on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS. candylink vpn for pc

About CandyLink VPN

CandyLink works by replacing your IP address. It hides your online identity. The basic idea is to keep your computer away from any online party with wrong intentions. Apps like CandyLink VPN can easily bypass the restrictions set on an internet connection. If your institute or ISP has blocked your access to certain websites, CandyLink will let you access those.

While accessing blocked websites is one of the major use cases of a VPN, it does a lot more than that. CandyLink VPN brings military-grade encryption. This means even if someone sitting online with the best skills tries to debunk your identity, the encryption in place will protect you. This feature comes in handy especially when you are using a public WiFi hotspot. It is always highly recommended to use a VPN while connecting to a public WiFi connection.candylink vpn for pc

VPN apps like CandyLink can also speed up your internet connection. It all depends on number of users on a VPN. Using the unique servers of VPN, you can cut off delays. With the help of CandyLink VPN, you can use a website or an application that’s limited to a few regions only. For example, an app that has released in the US can use that app by connected to the United States via CandyLink VPN. In its free version, CandyLink offers access to over 5 countries for free.

Stealth Mode of CandyLink VPN

This is a very unique feature in this VPN app. By turning on this feature of the CandyLink VPN, you can take your security to a whole new level. It adds multiple layers of security to your connection. The encryption gets stricter and hence you’re in much more safe hands.

Best features of CandyLink VPN

  • Most of the servers of CandyLink VPN are free.
  • Very good encryption in place.
  • No log policy.
  • Blocks backtrackers.
  • No registration required.
  • One-tap to connect.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, super-fast speed.

CandyLink VPN for PC

CandyLink is a free app on the Google Play Store. It mainly works on Android phones. It has no official PC version. But we can utilize its Android version as CandyLink VPN PC. To do so, we can leverage the help of an Android emulator like the BlueStacks or the Nox App Player. Using this nifty method, we can easily run CandyLink VPN on Windows and also on mac. This works for all Desktop PCs and Laptops. All you have to do is to follow a few requirements below and then take a look at the steps to install CandyLink VPN on PC.

Requirements to get CandyLink VPN PC

  • Desktop PC or Laptop with Windows or macOS.
  • Internet connection on the computer.
  • Android Emulator i.e. BlueStacks or Nox Player.
  • Google Account – You can use an old account or create new for free.
  • Install the emulator and set it up using the Google Account.
  • Follow the remaining steps given in this guide.

Steps to install CandyLink VPN PC

  1. Open the Android emulator that you just installed.
  2. Go to the Play Store in the emulator.
  3. In the search bar of Play Store type “CandyLink VPN” and hit enter.
  4. As you find the VPN, install it.
  5. Open CandyLink VPN inside the emulator now.
  6. Click on the big Candy button in the middle to connect.

candylink vpn on PC

You can click on the flag appearing on the top-right corner of the app to change the country. To enable the stealth mode, click on the options on the top-left side and click on toggle next to stealth mode. Open the Browser in the emulator to start access sites over CandyLink. Any app that you will run inside BlueStacks or NoxPlayer will load over this VPN.

candylink vpn for pc

CandyLink VPN for PC – Video Tutorial


You have now installed the CandyLink for PC. Remember that it will work inside the emulator only. Yes, that’s a downside, but that’s the only available solution to get CandyLink VPN PC. If you run into any problems with its installation, feel free to reach out to us. If you have any questions in mind, take a look at the FAQs below.


Is CandyLink VPN for PC Free?

YES! CandyLink VPN for PC is completely free. It offers over 5 free servers. It also doesn’t require registration or any sign-ups. All you have to do is to open the app and connect to the internet using it.

Is CandyLink VPN PC Safe?

YES! We are downloading CandyLink VPN PC via the Google Play Store. The Play Store has a strict screening process in place. It only lists safe apps and CandyLink meets the criteria. Rest assured, you can follow our tutorial without any hesitation.

Can I run CandyLink VPN on Windows?

YES! With the help of the newest BlueStacks 4.2, you can easily download CandyLink VPN on Windows 10. It also works on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

How can I download CandyLink VPN on Mac?

To download CandyLink VPN on Mac, we recommend using the BlueStacks 4.1 or the NoxPlayer. Both these emulators will run it flawlessly.

Which is the best emulator to download CandyLink VPN on a computer?

The best Android emulator to download CandyLink VPN on a computer is the newest version of BlueStacks i.e. BlueStacks 4.2.

Is CandyLink VPN available in the Play Store?

YES! It is available in the Play Store for free. CandyLink VPN has a rating of 4.6 in the Play Store.

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