Bypass Screen Lock On Your Android Device Without Any Data Loss [How to – Guide]


The worst thing that may ever happen to you on planet Earth is, when you forgot your Android smartphone’s password, it may be a pin, a pattern or any other kind of password that you may have implemented on your phone. This may be a case even when someone has changed your device’s password without bringing it in to your notice and you’re unable to get inside your device. The very first thing you would think to do is, you’ll try to apply any recovery options and most probably you will fail. The 2nd choice you’ve is, access your phone’s recovery and reset factory data, sounds quite ugly isn’t it? You will loose all your data just to get inside your device. There is need of a method that can easily grant you the access of your device without wiping/loosing data stored on your device or any settings on your device. In case you’re unable to find any such method, you’ll definitely want to hit your phone on the floor rather than compromising on your data. Well, you may just wait a little and find the remedy to your problem in the very post we’re going through.

Android Lock

Our friend Dr. Ketan (XDA-Recognized Contributor) has developed a great solution to bypass Patterns, Pins, Passwords on Android devices. The solution is packed inside a zip file that you may flash on your phone in case you’ve lost your device’s password, and it will immediately bypass it. What’s the cool thing here is, you won’t have to worry about any data loss or loosing any settings that you’ve made on your phone. Dr. Ketan’s tools earlier was believed to work on Samsung’s Galaxy Devices only, but after trying it on different devices by myself I concluded that the tools is able to bypass lockscreen on most of the Android devices without any hitch. So far this bypass has been tested on Sony Xperia Z, Xperia Z1, HTC One X, HTC One, One S, Sensation XE, Desire, Desire HD, Wildfire, Wildfire S, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, Note 3, Tab 2 7.7 and few other devices and it successfully unlocked all these devices without making any side-effects.

Let’s learn now how to Bypass the Screen Lock using Lock Screen Security Bypass:

      1. First of all you need to have a working CWM or TWRP recovery installed on your device. You may find one here.
      2. Download Lock Screen Security file.
      3. Copy the downloaded .zip file to your phone’s sd card.
      4. Now boot into recovery on your phone. These methods vary for different devices. For HTC you may press Volume Down + Power Key & then select Recovery mode.
      5. For Sony, turn off your device, now turn it on and as soon as you see the Sony logo, press Volume Up key.
      6. For Samsung, turn off of your device completely, now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key.
      7. In case you’ve some other device, try using ADB method explained in this guide.
      8. Once in recovery mode, select “Install Zip > Choose Zip from SD Card > Lock Screen Security > Yes “. 
      9. Wait for the file to get flashed.
      10. Once flashed, reboot your device.
      11. Turn it on now.
      12. Phewww! The lock has vanished.
      13. That’s All! Enjoy

We hope that you find this guide much helpful. Let us know if you were able to successfully unlock your phone’s screen lock or not. We would love to hear from you. Thanks all!

Usama is a software engineer by profession and at he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.


    • @melvinnyambe:disqus go to advanced options in recovery and disable signature verification, after that flash the file and let me know if it works or not. Also, make sure that you’re using the latest version of the custom recovery on your phone.

  1. My phone is HTC One X, the problem is how am I going to take out the microSD card? Since it cannot be removed in easy way…

  2. Thanks you for a great post. I am so new to this so I have a question. where can I find a guide to install CWM on my S3 without rooting? I don’t have USB debugging enabled and I cannot remember my pin. Can cwm be installed from a SD card?. Can I use an andriod tablet to download and transfer to SD or must a PC be used. Thanks

  3. Can the lockscreen be bypassed if the phone is not rooted and has no custom recovery installed?
    My phone was stolen and I’m hoping the thief cannot access my data.

  4. @Usama Mujtaba: Hi Usama. I really need your help. Did a crazy thing and changed my pattern while sleepy, now I don’t remember it 🙁 The gmail+pass thing doesn’t work either for some reason. Neither do the two security flaw codes of *#*#73… (the demo trick and the service menu trick)

    My phone is a Xperia Z1 Compact. I don’t have CWM. Is it possible to install it in this locked-out state, so as to use the guide above for unlocking?

    Your help will be most appreciated.

  5. I got micromax unite 2
    i younger brother changed my phone pin n he forgot it
    plzzz hlp me. I dnt wnt to format it at all

  6. Hello, I am trying to unlock a Samsung S4, I keep getting Footer is wrong and signature verification failed messages. Can you help?

  7. I am using a Samsung s4. I am not sure about recovery as the phone is locked via numeric passcode. I tried installing the lock screen security bypass but it says footer is wrong and signature verification failed. I am not quite sure how to get a recovery file on the phone as it’s locked. Although I think I saw what ever stock recovery that comes with the phone there on it.

  8. Hey, I’m locked out of my S3, for some reason I must’ve pressed a different character upon making the password without realizing. I do not want to factory reset. How can you help me bypass the password? Please help!


  10. interesting.

    My phone suddenly cannot be unlocked because when I enter correct PIN to device, it says “wrong PIN”. I even confuse how to bypass it without losing my data on device…

    But this article help me so much.
    just enter to CWM recovery installed on my device – install zip file – and it works.

    by the way, my device is Hisense AD683G. Thanks a lot.

  11. I just found a handy tip to bypass lock screens, patterns, pics etc easily & without installing any other software. As long as you signed in with and connected to your Android device then you can use the Android device manager to set a temp password which will then allow you to unlock your mobile. The original guide said it worked for Kitkat but i’ve just tried it on Marshmallow with no problems atall. Now for the guide! –

    On a computer or other mobile phone, visit:
    Sign in using your Google login details that you also used on your locked phone.
    In the ADM interface, select the device you need to unlock (if it isn’t already selected).
    Select ‘Lock’
    In the appearing window, enter a temporary password. You don’t have to enter a recovery message. Now click ‘Lock’ again.
    If it was successful, you should see a confirmation below the box with the buttons Ring, Lock and Erase.
    On your phone you should now see a password field in which you should enter the temporary password. This should unlock your phone.
    Now, before you go on with your life, go to your phone’s lock screen settings and disable the temporary password.
    That’s it, good luck!

    • Hi I just tried unlocking my Sony Xperia Z M4 phone through your method and I could get to put the new pin and it showed a message successful but immediately after getting the message it said that since my phone already has a password the new password is not required. what can i do now? On my phone i am not even getting a message of forget password so that i can access my phone putting a google account password. Can you help pls?

  12. hello please help me any one i have s6 edge is
    forgot password how to reset without lose my data
    CWM recovery installed also but how to use file to flash

  13. I have an S7 Edge model SM-G935T that My wife forgot her pin to and we want to bypass it without loosing our pics. The phone is not moded, is there a way to do it without factory reset?
    thank you

  14. @disqus_bFziNI3Fow:disqus I’m not sure whether this method will work for such a latest device or not.
    Yours is a T Mobile S7 Edge, there’s seems to be no custom recovery available around. If by chance we get a custom recovery on this device, you can boot into a custom recovery and mount it as USB storage to copy images and data straight away.

    Right now, the only solution to unlock the device might be to perform a factory reset. Unfortunately you will loose all images this way.

  15. Hello, have a very unfortunate problem seeking help for. Recently, lost my phone at a airport, expected to never see it again. My phone had no password, just swipe to open. So, once I realized my phone was left at the airport, I panicked and locked it using Device Manager. So a week later, I was flying back home and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check lost & found at the Airport. Amazing they had found it (mind-blown). I grabbed my phone eager to use it & I had forgotten the password I set to it when I locked it using Device Manger 🙁 Now I have been on a mission to unlock my phone without losing all my photos. I want to try this method but not sure how to install CWM or TWRP recovery with the phone being locked. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Any advice much appreciated.

    • @disqus_R6dG5kkSDn:disqus you’ve found the right place to unlock it. What’s the model number of your Galaxy S5? Please tell me so that I can provide you the instructions for flashing TWRP recovery.

      • Unfortunately I do not know the model number off the top of my head, and cannot check due to the fact the phone is locked. All I know is that it is a Sprint Samsung Galaxy s5 with android 6.0 Marshmallow (I believe). I have followed the steps and do have TWRP installed and working. I have tried to flash the Lock Screen Security Bypass file, but once rebooted, their is no change & still locked out. My main concern is recovering the contacts off my phone, I am willing to do anything to not lose them. Thanks

          • @disqus_R6dG5kkSDn:disqus I will do a guide on this tomorrow. Please wait while i finish the research work and come up with a guide. I’ll inform you as soon as I’m done.

          • @disqus_R6dG5kkSDn:disqus I’ve made the guide here it is:

            Jump up to the TWRP recovery flashing procedure.
            Before flashing this bypass screen lock, try doing this:

            Once you’ve flashed the TWRP recovery, boot your phone into TWRP Recovery and connect it to your PC.
            Now in TWRP recovery, tap Mount > Mount the Internal Storage of your phone with your PC.
            This will show you a folder of your phone in your PC just as you would see when you connect your phone normally as USB storage.

            If it luckily works, copy all your photos to your PC to save them.
            Afterwards, flash this bypass screen lock and see if it works. I’m suggesting this because this guide is years old and i’m not sure whether this file will work with Marshmallow or not. However the recovery and root guide were just made a few minutes ago by me.

            About the donate box: Thank you for your generosity. We serve ads on our site that’s why we do not have a donation box.
            It will be a great to see if the guide actually works for you, stay connected with us and that’s more then a lot for us.

  16. Hi guys is there a method that will work with my Sony z5. Borrowed It to a family member, forgot the code and now im kinda stuck !? I’m just looking at a lock screen with a code I don’t know ! Can anyone help ?!? My phones a z5 premium Sony Xperia ! Thanks !

  17. Hi iv borrowed my Sony z5 to a family member got it back not used it and now it’s locked out as I don’t know the code . I was hoping you guys could help , is there anyway to bypass it like the article says ?! Thanks !

  18. @usamamujtaba:disqus
    I have an Asus Zenfone 2 model ASUS-Z00AD that I forgot its pin lock screen. I
    want to bypass it without loosing my Data. Is
    there a way to do it without factory reset?
    Does it work for a ASUS Zenfone 2?

    • @disqus_xK9FBsyp4D:disqus If you have a custom recovery on your Zenfone 2, then try flashing this file and it should unlock the phone. There is no harm in trying.

  19. I have android s7 and I’ve downloaded both the pattern unlock zip and aroma but both keep telling e: footer is wrong
    e: verification failed what do I do ?

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