Auto Pilot Mode, Best Android Battery Saver


Now days, users are engaged in an Epic battle of Smartphones, everyone wants to prove his or her choice is better than the other, some say that HTC is better, some say Samsung is better, some thought Nexus devices are the best. However, there is one thing that unites us is the Poor battery timing of all the Android devices. Wi-Fi usually took the most battery of the device, while 4G connectivity is even a bigger battery consumer. Putting the device into Air-Plane mode disconnect us from the world, so it is out of the question to use it. However in the world of Android, developers are doing everything they can to give users such app who can save the battery life as much as possible.


You might have tried a lot of different battery saving apps and didn’t get the result as you expect from them. Why not give one more try, this time not a battery defender but an Auto Pilot Mode App. As Mentioned above that going to Air-Plane mode won’t let you use anything related with Network Connectivity. Auto Pilot Mode takes advantage of this situation by forcibly throwing your device under the radar, which in turns, save precious droplets of device.

Whenever your signals drops below a certain threshold, the Auto Pilot Mode runs for a set of duration and when the time is up, it will check once again, whether it can source a decent signal. You can manually modify the Auto-Pilot Mode as well, whether you want Wi-Fi to shut down completely or go according to the app, or you want to stop all the connections completely.


However,like every other, there is a little drawback in it too, it is running fine on a device running Android 4.2.2 or higher and especially on a rooted device. Those who are running Android 2.3.3 till Android 4.1.2 have no need to root their device to run this app. So, if you own a device running Android 4.2.2 or above, better root it now from our Root Section and try this amazing app for yourself. We have also provided an Apk below for you to download and also we have posted how to install it.


Auto Pilot Mode Apk: Link

How To Install Auto Pilot Mode Apk

  1. Allows your device to Install from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security and Tap Unknown Source
  2. Download the Above file.
  3. Connect your Device with PC.
  4. Copy the Apk file to your device.
  5. Disconnect the Device.
  6. Install the Apk like normal and Run the app Online the First Time.
  7. While installing, if ask for any Installation Process, Choose “Package Installer and if there is a Pop-Up Choose Decline”

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