7 Steps To Do When Your iPhone is Stolen [ Guide ]

Most of people know what to do when your device got stolen report to carrier or block through IMEI. Everybody knows that but there are steps that you should do before reporting it. I have faced this kind of situation. Well before starting few things i like to tell you that you must do if you are using iPhone.

Important Things To Do:

  1. Set Passcode.
  2. Make Your you are using iCloud.
  3. Activate Find My iPhone.
  4. All always backup your device.

Okay Now lets start with steps to do when your iPhone is stolen. I have researched around web and found many solutions so i do like to share with you that might help you to.

7 Steps To Do When Your iPhone is Stolen:

Make Sure your device is always updated because that will help you with all the new features. E.g Like if you are running iOS 6 then your device can easily be upgraded to iOS 7. Its easy only iOS 7 supports Apple id lock. Keep your device updated.

If you have sign-in with your Apple id on iCloud, then open iCloud at your system-> select Find My iPhone-> give your password. [ Method 1 ]

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 02.01.06

  • After taking few seconds it will show you a map with your device location. If the person who stole your device and use wifi or mobile data. That Green dot is pointing your device location.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 02.04.10

  • This might be helpful select your device from all devices you will get three options ( Play Sound , Lost Mode , Erase iPhone ). Butt you will get these options when your device is connected with iCloud.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 02.17.16

  • A dfu restore would mean it wipes the lock and they have a working phone. I recommend you report the device as lost / stolen to your operator or apple to prevent them using as a phone…… They can still use it as an iPod though after that. (Jailbreakqa) [ Method 2 ]
  • Go one better next time. Invest in iCaughtU Pro, bloody good tool and you have a lot of tools to help pinpoint the location of your phone. ( vilopjdwebreg ). [ Method 3 ]

Using Other Software:

You can use other software that provide services to prevent and help you find your device when it is lost / Stolen.

  1. If Found.[ Method 4 ]
  2. Use iHound. [ Method 5 ]
  3. Use iLocalis. [ [ Method 6 ]

If none of this work then the best method is that you contact with authorities report your device is stolen. Contact with carrier service block your device with IMEI. [ Method 7 ]

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