20 Hidden Features of iOS 7 that you must try.


iOS 7 has been built with a lot of features, many of them are not for your everyday use and so-called hidden from your Knowledge. If you own an iOS 7 device and wants to try these features, follow this article till end and if you don’t want to try them, then I suggest leave this article and search of other iOS 7 tutorials. Let’s move ahead and find out which of them you have used and which are not.

1. Use Safari to See Tweets with Links or URLs.

You can now quickly see the updated tweets while browsing through, just click on the bookmark icon in Safari and Tap ‘@’ to see all the tweets.



2. Turn Parallax On/Off.

To increase the speed of your iOS 7, I suggest that you should turn off your Motion Effects in other words, Turn off the parallax Effect. But if you want to see some real life scenario effects in your iPhone, then let parallax Effect On. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.



3. Enable/Disable Bold Text.

If you don’t like the iOS 7 thin Text, then try switching it to Bold Text. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and Turn Bold Text On.


4. Change the Size of Text.

On the other hand if you have any sort of problem seeing the text size of iOS, just Change it. How? Go to Settings > General > Text Size and drag the slider to right to increase the text size.



5. See the Frequently Visited Places on the Map.

Now you can see what place you most frequent visit in your free time, or what you have been visiting in past couple of days. Just Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations, but i suggest to turn if Off, otherwise it will keep draining your battery.



6. Block Callers and Un-Wanted Messages.

The best option that i have loved in iOS 7, is the option of blocking the unwanted calls and messages. To activate it, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked. For calls, just open the contact and then scroll down to the bottom to contact details and press Block this Caller.



7. Show TimeStamps in Message App.

Knowing time of the message sent or received is not a big demand, but in rare occasions it can save your life. Now in iOS 7 if you haven’t been able to find anyway to activate the timestamp in messages, we will show you how it is done. Open Messages and Swipe from Right to Left and you will see the sent and received time along with the day, if the messages are more than one day older.



8. Use Siri to Enable/Disable System Toggles.

Well Notification tray has given a lot of convenient in case of System Toggles, but Siri can be even more faster in case of such things. All you need to do is to Activate Siri and tell it what you want like “Turn On WI-Fi” and Siri will do it, if your Wi-fi or Bluetooth is already active you will be notified by Siri.



9. Use Swipe Gesture to Go back to Previous Screen.

Now you can swipe from Left to Right to go back to the previous screen, there is no need to press the Home button and again open the same app, to visit the just the previous screen.



1o. Take Square Photos Using Camera App.

If Regular Photos are good enough for you, iOS 7 camera app can now take Square Photos. Just Open the Camera app and Swipe from Right to Left to open Square Photo, using the same sequence you can open Vidoe and Panorama.



11. Update Apps in Background.

Now in iOS 7 you don’t need to worry about the App Background refresh, is will be done for you without causing any sort of trouble. Just go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and activate it, but if you want your iPhone to work fast and preserve the battery life, don’t turn it On.



12. Use Panorama Photos to Illuminate the Home and Lock Screen.

Now you can put the panorama Photos in your Library as your Home and Lock Screen Wallpaper. It will be the full panorama instead of just one thumbnail or page. On Lock screen, since you can’t have more than one window, you can try it fully on Home Screen. Go to Settings > Wallpaper and Lock Screen and Choose the wallpaper for both Lock and Home Screen, enable parallax Effect if you want it more dynamic.



13. Bubble Level In Compass App.

Now this might get a bit difficult for you to understand, but if you want to show off in front of your friends, turn your simple compass to Bubble Level Compass, Open Compass app, after the calibration, Swipe from Right to Left and you will see the Bubble Level in Compass.



14. Use Siri For Updates from your Favourite Site.

Yes! Now you can ask Siri about what “this” site has to offer, for example, I follows Engadget more than any other site. So, just ask Siri About Engadget and it will open all the updates from Engadget in front of you.


15. Turn Automatic Updates On/Off.

If you are getting tired from the excess drainage of battery because of Automatic Updates, just turn it Off, Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and Tap the Automatic downloads to turn it On/Off.


16. Disable/Enable Control Center in Lock Screen and Apps.

If you don’t want anyone else or yourself to keep accidentally lauch Control Center in Lock Screen and Apps, Turn if off, Go to Settings > Control Center and Tap the both Access Within apps and LockScreen to either Turn in On or Off.



17. Create Folder for Ease.

Now you can put unlimited apps in folders and the best part you home screen will look like a piece of Beauty, because of less Junk on it. To create a folder Merge Two Apps, folders can give space to unlimited apps.



18. Disable or Enable Advertise Tracking.

Don’t want your iOS device to be tracked for some specific ads. Go to settings > Privacy > Advertising and disable the Limit Ad Tracking. Disabling this feature will also save your battery life.



19. Dynamic Wallpapers.

Just like Live Wallpapers in Android, Apple has given Dynamic Wallpapers in iOS 7, we suggest to activate parallax Effect if you want to use Dynamic Wallpapers to make it more stylish.



21. Edit Queries in Siri.

Most of the time Siri can’t able to judge the right word and instead it will launch something else, don’t fight with it if happened, instead Tap on Edit, just below the word and change the word according to your desire and then search it. Doing this won’t only save your time but effort too.



22. Zoom into Album Art in iOS 7 Music App.

Now the iOS 7 Music app, when turned to landscape mode, instead of showing tiles, Music App will show you Album Art. looks cool, but the real thing is that you can zoom in or out while in your Album Art.’


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