10 Christmas Live Wallpapers For Your Android Smartphone


Winter is at peak and Christmas season has just arrived, the time to of joy, beautiful lights, colors and lots of gifts. While you may be busy preparing for the celebrations and bringing in the Christmas Tree to your home I’ve been collecting some special stuff to add charm to your celebrations. I guess, at this time of the year everything needs to have a Christmas make over, to do the job on your Android smartphone I’ve compiled up a set of 10 Live Wallpapers.

These Live Wallpapers can be installed on any Android smartphone / tablet. I’ve linked in the Google Play Store links and the direct download links as well, that I just uploaded to make it easier for you. You can download the APK files and install manually. Go ahead and pickup the wallpaper that fits your Android smartphone/tablet’s screen and let your phone enjoy the Xmass celebrations too :-).

1. Christmas Live Wallpaper by Jetblack Software

Christmas Live Wallpaper

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link


2. Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper

Christmas Tree 3 Christmas Tree Christmas Tree2

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

3. Christmas 3D Live Wallpaper

Christmas 3D

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

4. Christmas Live Wallpaper by Amax LWPs

Christmas Live Wallpaper4 Christmas Live Wallpaper5 Christmas Live Wallpaper6

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

5. Christmas Live Wallpaper by blakit

Christmas Live Wallpaper7

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

6. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper2 Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper3

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

7. Christmas Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Christmas Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Download

8. Merry Christmas Live Wallpaper

Merry Christmas

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

9. Christmas Live Wallpaper by Aqreadd Studios

Aqread Studios Christmas LWP

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Link

10. Christmas Live Wallpaper by LWP HD

Christmas Live Wallpaper21

Downloads: Google Play | Direct Download.

While installing these wallpapers, please keep in mind that these wallpapers are free and may contain a lot of ads that may bother you. We may not be held responsible if you don’t like the live wallpapers, you may uninstall immediately. This collection is based on the randomly picked live wallpapers from the Google Play Store.

That’s all. In case you have any suggestions, we would love to see some comments from you. Feel free to drop your words below. Thanks!

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