Xiaomi MI 16000 mAh Powerbank At GearBest for $23.99


Smartphones are becoming a more basic need of our everyday life. You always need your phone with you to stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues. It’s not only about staying in touch with others anymore, smartphones serve the purpose of a computer these days. Platforms like Android and iOS have given the developers the opportunities to build millions of useful applications. Running tons of applications on your Android or iOS device sure helps you learn a lot of new things. To run different applications on your smartphone, you do not only need a compatible device, but to make sure that you keep your phone turned on for long time, you need a charged up battery as well. Life is getting fast today, so its not easily possible to plug in a wall charger and keep your phone attached all the time. In such circumstances, you need a portable source of charging, and when it comes to a portable source of charging, you need to make sure that you chose the one that meets your phone’s charging needs properly.

To charge the smartphones portably, we have tons of powerbanks having different battery capacity and coming under the umbrella of different brands. You may find a powerbank of 1000 mAh or of 50000 mAh as well, but it depends on your needs which one will be enough for charging your device 3-4 times from 0 – 100%.  Although smartphone manufacturers are packing up whopping batteries in their smartphones, but that battery capacity is never enough to make our device last for a day.

While choosing a powerbank for myself, I came across Xiamo’s MI 16000 mAh powerbank on GearBest.com which is available for $23.99 only. As a trial, GearBest.com sent us a trial unit, which proved to be a great battery companion. After a few days experience with the Xiaomi MI 16000 mAh powerbank, we can say that this is one of the most powerful and reliable powerbank. To have a deeper look into this powerbank, let’s start with its design.Xiaomi MI

Xiaomi’s powerbanks sport a very elegant design. The CNC-finished edges stay smooth in your hands. The powerbank is packed inside a complete aluminium shell, which makes it a strong enough to bear a pressure limit of up to 50 Kg. The aluminium casing does not only add to the beauty of this charger, but it also makes it water and corrosion resistant. The powerbank has a small button, which is placed at the bottom very efficiently accompanied by 4 led light indicators. There are two USB ports, means you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Xiaomi has used the premim Li-ion battery cells from manufacturers like LG and Panasonic. These Li-on battery cells have energy densities up to 725Wh/L, which add an extra power of 16000 mAh battery to your smartphone. You can charge your Android smartphone, iPhone, Android tablet or iPad, your digital cameras or any other similar device. Xiaomi Mi 16000 mAh supports almost all smarpthones by Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Huawei, OnePlus one and other giants. A battery of 3000 mAh can be charged for up to 3.5 times in one cycle of this powerbank, that means if you own an iPhone 6, you can charge it for over 6 times using this powerbank. The powerbank has a charging efficiency of 93%, which charges any smartphone really quick.
Screenshot at Oct 12 13-48-26

Xiaomi has managed to make this powerbank temperature resistant. The device also comes with short-circuit protection, the motherboard is pretty much resistant to short circuits. The power button at the bottom of this powerbank resets the powerbank by simply pressing the button once. The Over-Voltage Protection mechanism doesn’t let the powerbank provide extra voltages to your device and result in any harm. If you have plugged in the charger incorrectly, it won’t charge your device. Output Overcurrent, Output Overvoltage, Over-discharge and PTC Protective Circuits make this device intact. Screenshot at Oct 12 13-48-06


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