How To Tell Which iPhone Model You Own?


Learn which iPhone Model you own? by using our tutorial below. It will help you find the right firmware and updates.

Though many people own an iPhone most of them don’t know what model they own. This is usually because every iPhone model looks the same. It is very easy to differentiate between iPhone basic models. But when it comes to tell the difference between, let’s say 5 & 5S, then they get confused.  That’s why we have created this post to help you find which iPhone Model You Own?

How To Tell Which iPhone Model You Own?:

The reason behind knowing your iPhone Model is to find the right firmware. So whenever you need to update your device manually or you need to download firmware.

Find the Model number on the Case of iPhone.

  • Examine the back of your iPhone and look below the ‘iPhone’ badge.
which iPhone Model you own
How To Tell Which iPhone Model You Own?
  • Make note of where it says “Model Axxxx” and compare to the list below.
How To Tell Which iPhone Model You Own?

iPhone Model Number List:

  • A1428 – iPhone 5 GSM (standard GSM model in USA for AT&T, T-Mobile, etc)
  • A1429 – iPhone 5 GSM & CDMA (normal CDMA model in USA, Verizon, Sprint, etc)
  • A1442 – iPhone 5 CDMA China
  • A1387 – iPhone 4S, CDMA & GSM
  • A1431 – iPhone 4S GSM China
  • A1349 – iPhone 4 CDMA
  • A1332 – iPhone 4 GSM
  • A1325 – iPhone 3GS China
  • A1303 – iPhone 3GS (GSM only)
  • A1324 – iPhone 3G China
  • A1241 – iPhone 3G (GSM only)
  • A1203 – iPhone (Original model, GSM only)

With the help of these models, you can easily differentiate the CDMA and GSM models. Using such numbers you can also find what firmware is for your iPhone.

Firmware Files

Finding Model Using iTunes.

You can use iTunes to find the Model of your iPhone, but iTunes won’t tell the Model number but it will tell you what iPhone it is, for example, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 5S etc.

  •  Connect your iPhone to iTunes using Data cable.
  • Under the summary tab, you will find the iPhone model labeled clearly at the top.

If you want to find model number through iOS, then go to settings and about to find whatever you can.

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