WhatsApp Plus APK 6.13


WhatsApp is the most widely used Android chat application ever been produced and there is no doubt in that. With time, WhatsApp has been enhanced to a great level and the new features are amazing to make this application a top choice to go with. It won’t be wrong to say that everyone who owns a device that support WhatsApp, is a WhatsApp user today and is most of the times is sticked to the phone because of this very application. There isn’t anything wrong in that, but there’s something that might start making you feel bored with WhatsApp, and that’s its UI.

The original WhatsApp application doesn’t provide a very catchy user interface, before the users get bored of that UI and their craze with the application gets a little less, WhatsApp plus landed in. WhatsApp plus is the greatest way to add modifications of your very own liking to this great chat application. Basically Whatsapp plus is a mod, that replaces your device’s original WhatsApp with an application that adds a number of features to the existing WhatsApp and these features are just worth using em’.  The customization in WhatsApp plus are completely user controlled, and this application also happens to be very light. This is the only reason for making this application so much popular.

WhatsApp plus isn’t available in the Google Play Store. The only way to get and install this application is to get it’s APK file and the install it manually. In case you’ve been looking for this application, you’ve spotted the right place. We found the APK file of the latest version of WhatsApp plus that is v6.13 and embed the download link below. The method to install this application is also explained below. Just go ahead, grab the apk and install it on your Android device.

Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK:

    1. Download WhatsApp+ v6.13 APK.
    2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone or download it directly on your phone.
    3. Locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
    4. Select “Package Installer” if prompted.
    5. All “Unknown Sources” if required.
    6. Complete the installation and access the app through app drawer.
    7. If you’ve already registered on WhatsApp and have it installed, WhatsApp+ will not ask you for registeration, it will just show you the chats.
    8. Enjoy modifying your messaging environment.
    9. That’s all!
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