WhatsApp for iPad and iPhone Free Download – Simple Guide.


There is no need to present any introduction on WhatsApp, it is the most popular messaging app in Smartphones. Available for iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android and Windows. WhatsApp is a must have app for every smartphone, even if you don’t have a smartphone, there are many other ways to use WhatsApp and today I will show you how to use WhatsApp on iPad and iPhone. You can send and receive Text messages and calls using any Network Connectivity like Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.


You can even create a Group on WhatsApp, just create a group and add people in it. WhatsApp is available for free on every platform but for only one year, after that you need to pay $0.99 for one year, the reason why they don’t sell ads. You can send and receive unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi, make and receive any call over network, the best part is that you don’t need to log-in again and again to use WhatsApp, all you need to do is to Log-in the first time and as long as the Network connectivity is available, you can Chat with your friends over WhatsApp.

Today, I will show you how to install WhatsApp on iPad, iPhone. You can create a Profile and your Phone number will be necessary for the usage of WhatsApp, because of this number your friends will reach you. WhatsApp will crawl your Phone Book and it will show you Who are on WhatsApp, So, you won’t have any trouble finding your friends on WhatsApp. You can even send Pictures, Videos, Audio Recording and update your Status like in Facebook. The Contacts process is automatic, so you don’t need to do anything as far as the Contacts are concerned.The UI is Quite simple, you will learn it in a few minutes after installing, you won’t be needing any user guide to use this app.

WhatsApp For iOS Features:

NO HIDDEN COST: Once you and your friends download the application, you can use it to chat as much as you want. Send a million messages a day to your friends for free! WhatsApp uses your Internet connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available.

MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.

GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts. Add or Remove group participants, change group subject and set a group icon.

PERSONAL: Set a profile photo which will be shown to all your contacts

NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed and avoid those pesky international SMS costs.

SAY NO TO PINS AND USERNAMES: Why even bother having to remember yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book.

NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT: No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. With push notifications WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED.

NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: Your Address Book is used to automatically connect you with your contacts. Your contacts who already have WhatsApp Messenger will be automatically displayed under Favorites, similar to a buddy list.

OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp will save your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next application use.

AND MUCH MORE: Share location and places, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Message timestamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and media to many contacts at once, and much much more!

You can download WhatsApp for iPhone, iPad from the Download Link mentioned below. Download it and follow the on-screen instructions to Complete the Set-up

Download WhatsApp for iPad or iPhone free


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