WhatsApp brings back text-based Status messages


A few weeks back WhatsApp introduced a SnapStories like feature called the ‘Status’ which would allow users to post short videos and images which would stay for 24 hours. In the process they removed the good old fashioned text based status. This did not bode well with the users and as a result the company is now bringing back the text-based status message.

This feature had already been rolled out in the latest WhatsApp Beta (version 2.17.95). Now after testing, the rest of the users will be getting their coveted text-based message feature back. Call about ‘re-invention’ gone wrong.

With the text-based status messages making a come back, does not at all mean that WhatsApp will do away with the visual Status. It is here to stay. We surely can understand the reservations that users have with that feature. Firstly, with SnapChat and Instagram having a similar feature, what would one on WhatsApp. Secondly, on Instagram and SnapChat you have more control over who watches your Story or in this case the Status, who will go through the hassle of selecting every time who will not watch the latest Status.

Users will now be able to find the text status update in the About section of the app. Go ahead, set your status and let your network members know how happy you are to have the feature back.