Use Multiple Profiles In Chrome Like a Ninja – How To

If you have friends who frequently visits your house and uses your computer especially the same browser that you use and by the popularity of it, I am guessing you also use Google Chrome. Now when a lot of people start using the same profile, the settings gets mixed up and no one knows what they saved before. Now I don’t care about your friends and any other who is using your computer, my only concern here is you, so today I will show you how to use Multiple Profiles in Google Chrome, so even if your friends & Family keeps using the same browser, your settings remains the same.


The process was simple before as Chrome shows a whole Tab for the Personal Stuff but because of Security they removed it and now it is not hidden but a put to a little depth. Now if you want to save your Profile, just follow the rest of the Guide and you will be using your own Profile without letting anyone know.

How To Enable Multiple Profiles in Chrome

  • Go To Settings.
  • Scroll Down till you See Users.
  • Click New User.


  • Choose an Icon, Choose a Name and Click Create.


  • Now on the Top Left side of your Browser, you will see the same icon that you selected.
  • Click the Icon and Choose the Profile you want to use.


  • That is all.
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