How to Upgrade Touchscreen Firmware of Samsung Galaxy Phones


If your Samsung Galaxy phone’s touchscreen is acting weird, you have landed the right place. In this tutorial, we are going to fix the touchscreen related issues on the Samsung Galaxy Phones. There is one solution that can potentially fix a number of touchscreen issues on a Samsung handset and that is to upgrade the touchscreen firmware. This guide will take you through the steps to upgrade touchscreen firmware of Samsung Galaxy phones. Before we upgrade the touchscreen firmware, let’s get an idea of the kind of touchscreen issues that you can encounter on your Samsung phone.Upgrade Touchscreen Firmware of Samsung Galaxy

Samsung uses the Super AMOLED display on its high-end and mid-range devices. It uses the LCD display on the low-end phones. There is no doubt that Samsung is a king when it comes to the displays. However, it isn’t necessary that Samsung’s displays will remain free of the issues. Samsung phones often start acting weird. The display becomes unresponsive. At times, the display stops detecting the touch. The display of the phone shows the distorted colors or it simply refuses to act according to the action performed by the user.

A similar issue was recently reported by the Galaxy Note FE owners. The Note FE users reported that a particular area of their phone’s screen stopped working. Upon trying a few solutions, they found that upgrading the touchscreen fixes the issue. It turns out that upgrading the touchscreen fixes a lot of other touch issues with the display of the phone. Keeping in view the importance of this solution, I decided to write down this guide today.

How to Upgrade Touchscreen Firmware of Samsung Galaxy Phones

Here are the steps to upgrade the Touchscreen Firmware on Samsung Galaxy phones.

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy, open the Phone app and open Dialer in it.
  2. Now in the dialer, dial the following number: *#2336#
  3. It will open a screen now showing you the options to upgrade the TSP firmware and also to refresh the WiFi version.
  4. Now click on the upgrade TSP firmware option.Upgrade Touchscreen Firmware of Samsung Galaxy Phones
  5. It will start upgrading the touchscreen firmware now.
  6. When done upgrading, restart your phone.
  7. Check if your touchscreen issues have vanished or not. That’s all.
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