How to Use Two Numbers on WhatsApp at the Same Time [ Guide ]

WhatsApp is a very famous social networking app where we can easily interact with our friends and family. To register with the app, all we have to do is to provide the app with our phone number. It is known that the app allows only one number to register with it at one time, but interestingly we can use two numbers at once as well. This is good news for people who have dual SIM phones and who wish to register another number as well with WhatsApp. Here is a guideline to how to use two numbers simultaneously on WhatsApp at the same time.


A new modified version of this popular social app is available in the market by the name of OGWhatsApp. Besides allowing users to use two numbers at the same time, it comes up with other interesting features as well.

 How to Use Two Numbers on WhatsApp at the Same Time:

  1. First of all, you need to take a back up of your WhatsApp messages. You can find the backup option in your WhatsApp’s settings menu.
  2. After taking the backup, change the name of the folder from sdcard/WhatsApp to sdcard/OGWhatsApp.
  3. Next, go to the XDA developers website and download OGWhatsApp on your device. Having done that, uninstall the original WhatsApp and then re-install it.
  4. If you do not want to opt for this, you can simply clear data by going to phone’s settings ( Settings> Apps> WhatsApp> Clear Data).
  5. To avoid any confusion you can rename WhatsApp to OldWhatsApp. Finally, you need to re-register with the OGWhatsApp with the same number you were previously using on WhatsApp and add a new account registering with your other number on the original WhatsApp.
  6. Now re-name WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp and re-name OldwhatsApp to WhatsApp in settings.

Time for magic.. You can now see two shortcuts on your phone’s home screen which are icons for WhatsApp and OGWhatsApp. Now you can enjoy WhatsApp through both of your numbers on the dual SIM phone and no need to worry anymore about buying another phone to use WhatsApp with another number.

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