Tweet Bot Lets You Tweet Relatively In a much Efficient Manner

Tweetbot is a third party client associated with Twitter, the famous social networking site. This app allows you to use Twitter features relatively in a much efficient manner that saves both time and energy, also it is instantly available on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The app basically has three versions, one is for use on your iPhone and iPod Touch, other is for Mac and last one is designed especially to be used for iPad. Although the app doesn’t support signing in through multiple accounts yet but  it is still very useful.

Tweet bot 1

Through the app you have shortcuts to update your tweets, check and direct messages, use Twitter chat, respond to other tweets etc.
For example; when you tap a tweet, it would turn grey and a menu will appear from behind the tweet with available options like Retweet, favorite or reply.

tweet bot 2

Other features include:

  • Saving drafts, adding locations, pictures and videos.
  • Multiple timelines to quickly switch between the lists.
  • Push Notifications and Mute Filters.
  • Pull to refresh and see sub menus.
  • It supports 5 Languages; English, French, Arabic, Japanese & German.

tweet bot 5 tweet bot 4 tweet bot 3

The manufacturers have worked hard to make this app look more interesting and fun to use, giving it a creative outlook, sounds and animations along with the robot-themed design. The app is flawless with no complaints, registered for crashes or bugs.

The app is available in App Store and it requires iOS 5.0 or Later for Tweetbot 2. The Latest version of Tweetbot (Tweetbot 3) is also available that includes structural changes of the app and is recommended, if you are using iOS 7. Download Tweet Bot .

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