Turn-Off Background Apps Refresh in iOS 7.

Since from the release of iOS and iPhone, the only things that really bugs me are the background apps, they do whatever they like carrying out whatever task they are requested. It’s kind of good thing, but when it comes to battery life, they are the main reason why we won’t get enough battery life. They keep running in the background and draining the battery without our notice.

In the Past there was no option to stop these apps so you can increase the battery life, but in iOS 7 Apple had finally given the option of killing all those apps. In iOS 7 it is called Background Apps Refresh, which allows you to disable apps completely or with app-by-app basis with just few steps. Very convenient app for all the developers to get full access of background running.


To get started, Tap settings and goto General followed by Background Apps Refresh.

Here you will find a switch to disable all the Background apps altogether, with a list of apps that you can add in the list or they have Background Apps Refresh support built-in them.If  your app requires Location data, you will see a location indicator along with it. The top switch will turn off all the apps, but you can disable the selected ones below. Reversing the decision is pretty simple too, just revisit the page and enable them again by pressing the switch.


Make sure not to disable Apple update option, nut keep it on only Wi-Fi not cellular data.

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