How To Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac Over Wi-Fi

Wires are the part of Old Timers,but, we still need them to charge our electronic devices, the world hasn’t gone that far that they could start charging devices wirelessly. Still I would love to see that time, when people will complain that they are having electric shocks in mid-air, someone else is stealing their power because they didn’t put the password to protect the wireless charging, it would be a fun to watch those moments. However, that time is far away and we have to concentrate on the point that modern technology let us transfer files and other type of data over the Wi-Fi connection, the limitations are there, but more than enough, you don’t need to take your cables everywhere just to transfer data between devices using Wi-Fi connectivity.

At first we saw this feature in Android, Wi-Fi File Transfer Pro, lets you transfer files between Android devices and PC or Mac, no matter how huge that file it, the transfer speed was almost 2MB. no matter how much slow or fast your internet is. All you need was to put the given URL by the app in the Browser and you’ll see everything you have in your Phone in that particualr window where you pasted the URL, from thereon, you can select and upload files or select and download files. The Same Process is now brought in the iPhone, after a long time, though it is better to have something than nothing. We will use WifiTransfer App in this process, cause I found it far useful than any other, in fact that was the only one I found.

How To Use WifiTransfer App:


  1. Download the App from App Store.
  2. After the installation, Open the app.
  3. Now on PC or Mac, you’ll need modern browser like FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari Works too.
  4. On the Bottom left corner of app, you’ll see a switch.
  5. Tap on it to see a Web Address.
  6. Open the Browser on PC/Mac and type that address.
  7. Now you’ll see the Dashboard of that app to transfer files.
  8. Click on Choose file and once you are done, Tap the Upload button to upload them.
  9. The app will sort the Files itself, you don’t have to go and categorize the files manually.
  10. However, there is no progress bar to tell you the Progress, once the transfer is done, you’ll be notified and that is the only way to know the progress.

How is your experience with the app, do let us know in the comments

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