Top 5 Puzzle Games For Android and iOS


Puzzle games are the best way to pass your time, these addictive and challenging games are loved by people of all the ages. Such games have always been trending throughout ages, and as we all know, this is the era of modern smartphones, so there are bunch of very good games both on Android and iOS Playstore’s. You can check the Top 5 Puzzle Games For Android and iOS.

World of Goo

World of Goo

It is a very interesting puzzle game which is quite different from the traditional puzzle games we have been seeing so far. In this you will have to make a path to reach the given destination in each level by sticking Goo ball creatures. Also you will have to make different structures and gadgets to make your way. The game is simple and easy in the beginning, but the difficulty level increases as you gradually proceed further.



Slydris can be said as the cousin of our very own traditional Tetris, but with some modifications and changes.

The blocks have been given bright colors to make it look more appealing. Moreover, the blocks in Tetris were only movable vertically but in Slydris you can actually move the blocks sideways, drop them down the spaces, etc to match the colors. You can play three modes of the game; Infinite, Zen and Survival.

Flow Free

Flow Free

Flow Free is another puzzle game famous among the users. The game consists of different colorful pipelines that you have to connect according to the colors. You have to keep in mind that no two lines can intersect with each other. So, all you have to do is to calculate and plan your each move from the very beginning. The game is highly addictive and doesn’t let you get bored.

Candy Crush Saga


The game is very popular among users of all ages, from all over the world. The main concept is to match 3 candies of same type. The app is built with innovative graphics, players have certain number of moves that are allowed to finish each level, with a definite number of lives. The players can get their friends to play and even can ask for lives, to help you out as you move forward.



Dots is very simple yet highly addictive puzzle game. You have to connect dots with each other through lines, making longer lines results in earning more points. The game has different challenging modes, including the timer mode where you have to complete the challenge within a given time. You are able to earn different power ups and credits that can be used in later stages of the game.

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