The Best Apps for Sony Xperia Z2 and Z1

Sony Xperia Z2 and Z1 are considered to be a top-end phone with all the amazing features one could imagine to be in a good smartphone. It is compatible to all of the Android apps available in the market and comes with some featured apps installed already in the phone. Well, I still have some apps for you that will make your phone standout, if you have them installed.




In this fast and busy life, we wish for simpler things; more productive and less time consuming. IFTTT is a perfect app for busy people out there who want to stay connected with their social circle, have all things done at the right time in a less time as much as possible. IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That‘. You give the app all the tasks to be performed; recipes (actions in response to activities) and then you will not have to bother about doing it yourself ever again. The app does it for you.

Google Camera:

Google Camera
Google camera is another must have app. The official Google camera app gives you amazing extra features. You can produce panoramas with amazing capture, stitching and quality. Moreover, you can use features like lens blur for SLR type photos and photo sphere. The app makes best use of the camera to give best shots.

Cerberus Anti Theft:

Cerberus Anti Theft
No one would like to lose a shiny grand phone like Xperia Z2 and for that purpose the Cerberus anti theft app works perfectly. In case you accidentally forget your phone somewhere, the app will help you access and control the phone remotely. You will be able to locate your phone’s location, record it’s surroundings, capture a photo or make a video of the surroundings and even lock your phone and erase or secure your phone’s data. The app has many other anti theft features as well apart from these.

ADBLock Plus:

UARgNQE1Using WiFi and browsing the web can be annoying with all the unnecessary advertisements and pop-ups. ADB Lock Plus will help block those ads from nagging you while you’re trying to focus on a particular thing. It prevents ad pop-ups, protect the device from spams and can also disable tracking. So, feel free to browse the web on your Xperia Z2 without any hindrance.



The developers of Dropbox have introduced a new app to manage your photos, videos, documents and other files in a completely hassle-free way. Carousel helps you to automatically back up all of your data to Dropbox. So, now you do not have to remind yourself again and again to save your precious data to Dropbox. If you have Carousel installed in your phone then you no longer have to worry about losing your data or taking a back up again and again. Just sit back and relax, the app is there to protect your data.

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