Super Optimize Allows You To Fully Optimize Your Android Device


Whatever Mobile one is using, or what type of OS it is running, Customization and Optimization are the core to reach development level even if it is beginner level. Now if one has spent thousands on a device, it is his right to get a decent performance out of it. Android is an open source Platform that is topped and edited by many OEMs according to their theme and signature for their devices. As a result you will see different UI, Icons, Modules etc on different Devices. According to their OS, OEMs put some sort of Performance optimizer in every device. But that type of Optimization is not enough to get a good performance from a device.


Stock Optimizer is only a Battery Saver, it will decrease your Screen Brightness to even less level and Decrease CPU performance a bit, which never works for me, but Custom Performance Optimizers can give you a lot more than battery life. Despite that decreasing the Brightness and CPU performance or setting the time out for Wi-Fi or Mobile Network will give you a lot of Battery life, but if you get more control over your device, like how much RAM you are using right now, how much battery Percentage you are eating right now and how can you change it, that would be awesome and far better than only saving it.

Super Optimize is an application that allows you to do such Acts. It allows you to Manager your System, Battery, Apps, Memory, Volume and Screen Brightness. But not like any other app, it will show you what is happening right now in this Category and what can you do with it. Super Optimizer is a Free app available at Google Play Store, Will work best with a rooted device.

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