Some Of The iOS 8 Hidden Features

Apple surely has released iOS 8 in front of the whole world, and even again this time, they forgotten to mention all the features of iOS 8 and most importantly they are quite useful for our daily routine. After the release of iOS 8 beta, despite that it was removed because of bug issues. Still, those who have got their hands on this upgrade and are exploring the OS, have shared some of the amazing features of iOS 8 that Apple didn’t even mentioned at all. Here is a little list of those features, that might save your time and also makes your iOS 8, a powerhouse.


1. Improved Battery Usage View:

Battery life has always been an issue in modern smartphones including Apple iPhone, until there is a way to solve it,and now iOS 8 is there to give us a brief glimpse of all the apps ‘killing’, so you’ll realize which app you are using the most or what is running in background, eating up the battery.


2. Upgraded App Store:

I have never used Wishlist in any App store at all and now I don’t know about others, but in iOS 8 this thing has gotten much importance. Not only will it remember all the apps we want to download later but it also remembers the songs which we tell Siri to find and Radio station in iTunes. Even it gives us a preview in case if we forget something.


3. Dismiss Notifications By Swiping:

Something we have seen in almost all the Android devices  that iOS 8 Apple has ported a feature by removing the Notification and Swiping instead of waiting for the X to appear, thus saving a lot of time.


4. More Customization in Mail App:

As Always, Apple tries to beef up its Mail app and in iOS 8 Apple has responded in some serious way. They have given the feature of deleting the message by Long swiping, Mark a Read/Unread/Flag button by Swiping left and also it is smart enough to combine all the related message in a conversation no matter where they are.


5. Safer and Smarter Safari:

Since, there aren’t much apps to change Apple default apps, so we are stuck with them until there is a way to change them for real. This time there was another upgrade of Safari, but Apple has made this less of an issue in iOS 8. You can say goodbye to the Mobile versions of site, just a single swipe and you can request the Desktop version of that site.


6. Better Camera Controls:

Apple does have explained about the Shutterbugs and also the features to remove it in iOS 8, but one thing they forgot to mention was  the easy controls of the Exposure value before taking a picture. Just as you tap the Focus, you will see a Slider to adjust the exposure value.

7. Lock Screen Notification Based on Location:

Well, everyone must have heard about it on Macrumors and the iOS 8 beta has confirmed it, Apple have placed the elegant notifications in Lock Screen area, if you happen to walk by or suppose into a Starbucks, you’ll see a tiny icon appeared opposite to Camera icon, taping on it will direct you to the app and will be ready to make the purchase.


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