Set-Up ADB And Fastboot Easily on Linux, Chrome OS and Mac OS X


If you are an Android user, doesn’t matter a beginner or Expert, at some stage you will always need ADB and Fastboot installed on your Machines. Having ADB and Fastboot set-up on a computer is a must thing for every Android user, without having them you won’t be able to Flash Custom Kernels and Images on your Device and not for only Flashing but also for various types of development and Testing. For Devices Like Motorola, Nexus, Sony and HTC, you need Fastboot o unlock the bootloader or re-lock it, furthermore you need it to Root your device and flash Custom Recoveries on your device.


If you know a little bit more about Android and also owns a Windows PC, you should follow our Guide to Install ADB and Fastboot on WindowsBut this guide is only for Windows Users, for Mac, Linux and Chrome OS,the process is a little complicated, but if you have knowledge about Command lines, that every Users of Mac and Linux have, then it is a really simple process for you. All you need is an Active internet connection, since the script will Initiate Downloading of the required files.

Nexus Tools by corbin052198 from XDA makes it easy for all the Non-Windows Users to install Fastboot and ABD on their Machines. Nexus Tools is not actually a program as the very name sounds but a string of command line. All you have to do is to issue the following command line in the command terminal Window Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS:

bash <(curl

Running this Command will start the downloading of the required files to set-up ADB and Fastboot,Since the script runs as root it asks for sudo so that it might copy the downloaded files to usr/bin. The developer has also put the Uninstalling Option, just run the following command and all will be uninstall:

bash <(curl

That is it, if you have any problem, Visit the Official Thread for you Answers.

Via: XDA

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