Send Anonymous Messages On iPhone Using Truth Message App

There was a time when people were actually happy to see an EMAIL or a Message on a Phone, Now a day, everything is on your smartphone. Today we are about to share something with you that will give a boom to all the Instant Messaging and communication apps, and Since the announcement of Facebook taking Whatsapp for $16 billion, developers are doing whatever they can to tap into this lucrative market. Truth is an application that is sure to bring a new twist in this world, especially the world of iPhone and iOS.

Truth allows you to send Anonymous messages to those who are added in your contact list and hold a conversation with them. Everyone who is using Truth is given a Username and an Avatar, and everyone who is using truth will receive your message as you convey any message to them, but those who are not using Truth, will once receive a message about Truth info and from where it can be downloaded.


This app is useful for all those who want to communicate and learn about those whom they don’t know, simple means flirt. But also it can be used to criticise someone you don’t like, without causing much fuss about who you are. But Of course, in this digital age, everything is open to abuse from cyberbullies, but only 5% of messages send on Truth were reported as Spam and as far as nuisance is concerned, it will be interesting to see how it takes off.

At the present time, this app has been latched onto by high-schoolers and college age youngsters, as they have found a way to talk with other without exposing their identity and without any fear to get caught by their parents. Young people dictate the IM game and with several other apps like Truth being available on the Store, let’s see how this turns out to be, whether a hit or a true flop.

Described as a “new way to communicate honestly with your friends” the intention of Creater Foro Technologies, have tried to keep it for playful and light hearted people, but one can always use such thing for abusing. If you want to say something to your friends, but don’t want to let them know about your identity, then give it a try. It if free and available on Apple Store to download and by any chance if you try it, do let us know about your thoughts.

Downlaod Truth For iPhone 

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