Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge & Gear VR Announced

Samsung stole the show! It’s quite obvious now that Samsung has been pretty much busy since the launch of the Galaxy S5 and working hard to grab all the shine on the IFA event, 2014. Samsung successfully proves the users that it was worth waiting for this event, it’s actually a great move by Samsung to bring up great devices at this time of the year and keep its users engaged with the newer devices while all other manufacturers are also set to unpack their flagships. As soon as someone starts getting tired of the Galaxy S flagship smartphone, that for no doubt is a great addition every year, Samsung brings up something even more tempting and this is what it just did today once again. Samsung finally goes with live with the Galaxy Note 4, the 4th generation phablet, the Galaxy Note Curve and the Gear VR.


The Galaxy Note 4, as expected, turns out to be a beast. Samsung now definitely knows how to make the best use of plastic and metal, and keep its products premium and ergonomic at the same time and this is all we can realize after seeing the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung has added a metallic bezel to the Note 4 while the back of the phone is pretty much same as that of the Note 3 which is faux leather. The device sets in the hands perfectly and let’s the users have a strong grip on it without any hiccups here and there. Having a whopping 5.7-inch QHD (1440 x 2560 pixels) display with 515 ppi, the device becomes Samsung’s first one to sport this great display. A massive 3 GB RAM is placed under the hood. A 16MP shooter with OIS is fixed at the back that seems to grab some features from the Galaxy S5. Samsung has improved the front facing camera as well for better selfie experience, the shooter is 3.7 MP. The device will be either powered up with Samsung’s very own  Exynos 5433 8-core CPU, 1900 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57 and ARM Cortex-A53 accompanied by ARM Mali-T760 GPU or a Qualcomm Snapdgragon 805 CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz accompanied by Adreno 420 GPU. A massive battery of 3229 mAh is also placed under the hood. The device is equipped with an internal storage of 32 GB and is supported by an external SD card slot as well. Samsung has surely loaded the Galaxy Note 4 with plethora of sensors and software features, one of the mainstream advancement in the newest phablet is the UV sensor that intelligently helps the users to prevent their skin from the Sun using the Ultra Violet sensor integrated with the S-Health application. And last but not the least, the major selling point of the Galaxy Note series, the S-Pen is definitely a part of the Note 4 as well, which is a lot improved. Samsung claims that the Note 4’s S-Pen is even more smoother works perfectly great on the QHD display providing the users best experience.

SM-N910_Charcoal-Black_Front-Pen_002 SM-N910_Charcoal-Black_Right-side_004

Apart from the Galaxy Note 4, what helped Samsung to win today’s show before Sony comes up with its Xperia flagship, is the Galaxy Note Edge. There’s been a number of rumors and leaks over the past 1 year about a device with a display expanded towards its edges. Either the leaksters learnt something from Samsung and hints arrived, or Samsung learnt from the rumors and added life to the hype streaming around. The Galaxy Note Edge is some kind of a unique device with the display expanded towards its right edge. The device sports same specifications as the of the Galaxy Note 4, but because of the expanded display it has got an additional 160 pixels on its screen which makes it a device with maximum pixels at the moment. Both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge will run on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.note-edge-1


After being in the rumors for a very long time, the Gear VR finally makes its way to the world as well now. There has been a huge amount of reports pointing towards a virtual reality headset in the past but we couldn’t keep our eyes on the rumors being much serious, but again it looks like Samsung isn’t going to leave the wearable market that easily, it keeps indulging into something new. The Gear VR, Samsung brought up in collaboration with Oculus. You can simply pair the Gear VR with your Galaxy Note 4 and enter into the world of virtual gaming having an awesome experience!¡Ú¡Ú¸ÞÀÎ-R320_White_Dynamic2_007_1

We’ll be providing you a detailed preview about all these devices in a while. Stay tuned!


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