Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2017 specs reveal a far better phone than the J2 Pro with 3GB RAM

Samsung is not really known for giving the loving treatment to its ‘J’ series of phones but the upcoming Galaxy J5 Prime 2017 might impressive you in the specs department. Where flagship smartphones are shipping with a minimum of 4GB RAM, the Galaxy J5 Prime 2017 model has been shown on GFXBench to feature 3GB of RAM.

Having more RAM in mid-ranged phones is always a pleasant surprise, even more so in Android devices. More often than not you will be able to take advantage of a ton of multitasking options such as opening up multiple applications. When you minimize these applications and open them again, that specific app will remain just as you closed it because the higher amount of RAM would have stored the app in that state.

If you’re looking for additional multitasking from the Galaxy J5 Prime 2017, then you will be pleased with the phone you’re eyeballing right now. In other hardware specifications, it is just your regular phone with nothing too impressive. The Exynos chipset is running a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor running at 1.40GHz.

Cortex-A53 cores consume less power but also struggle in the performance department, something that you will need to be extra careful with once you get your hands on the upcoming phone. You also get a 4.8-inch 720p display with 32GB of RAM, and we’re assuming that expandable storage will be present.

There is no 4K video recording support but that was to be expected from a phone like this. No price details are available but Samsung will obviously not be asking you for a ‘Galaxy S8-like’ price tag now would it.

Not surprisingly there are far better choices in the market right now so do check them out when you have the time.


M. Omer

M. Omer

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