Let’s recover deleted SMS in an iPhone [ Tips ]


In this post, I will tell you how to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone. I have seen many methods on the internet either they don’t work at all or you need to buy software to recover deleted SMS. However, the solutions I have are free of cost and they are working so let get going now.

Before the cross messaging platforms the best method to communicate with others using mobile phones was the SMS. It’s still the best but nowadays we have tons of other options. However, if you are an iPhone user then I am sure you use iMessages rather than all the other messaging apps. Now coming back to our topic, somehow you have deleted a single SMS or all of your SMS by mistake, it means you have lost all of your conversations. Once it is done and now you want all of these SMS back or you can say you need to recover deleted SMS.

recover deleted SMS in an iPhone

If you really are in this situation then follow the instructions provided below to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone. The first method is more like a helpful tip, it’s about taking backups every now and then. Let’s start now.

How to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone?

Before I start, Let me give you a short overview of both methods. After that, we will proceed with a complete set of instructions that will be required to recover the deleted SMS from an iOS device.

How to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone?

  • Connect your iPhone with your PC or Mac.
  • Disable auto-sync so nothing new can be added.
  • Restore the last backup.

Recover deleted text messages using Undelete SMS:

  • You need a Jailbroken iOS device.
  • Install a Jailbreak Tweak from Cydia, it’s called xSellize.
  • Run the app and it will Scan SMS database.

So these are the two methods that I will be using to help you recover your deleted SMS from an iPhone. The only thing which is a bit of bummer, Jailbroken device, back in the days Jailbreak was fun but not these days. Apple has taken some serious steps to make sure Jailbreakers stay at bay.

But no matter how hard you try, when there is will there is always a way. Download Unc0ver 3.3.0 IPA – Jailbreak iOS 12.2, Yes, you can Jailbreak iOS 12.2 and 12.3.

Let’s now start our first method and help you.

Recover Deleted SMS using iTunes:

You may not know, When you delete an SMS from an iPhone, it doesn’t get deleted right away. It goes to Trash same as deleting a file on a PC. So since the SMS, your deleted is in the Trash. That means you will be able to recover that SMS. However, if you deleted an SMS or bunch of them and then you connected your iPhone to your PC. As soon as the Automatic Sync comes in the play, all of your SMS will be deleted from trash.

Once it has happened, there is no way you can recover a deleted SMS on an iPhone.

let’s start:

  • Before you do anything, launch iTunes on your PC or Mac. Now you need to Disable Automatic Syncing.
  • Once done, connect your iPhone to your computer. Right-click on your iPhone listed in iTunes.
  • You will be provided with a number of options, click Backup.
  • After you have taken the backup, head back to the Summary tab. Click on the restore button and don’t click on the check for the updates button.
  • You should know that by restoring your iPhone or iPad. All of your data will be lost, make sure to take a complete backup before you do this.
  • Once your device is restored, right-click on your iPhone icon and select restore from backup.
  • Select the recent backup you made and let your iPhone get restored. After the restoring process is finished, you will find all the deleted SMS in your Messages.

Recover Deleted text messages using Undelete SMS:

In this method, you have to Jailbreak your device. For that, you can use our Jailbreak Category and find the best Jailbreaking guides. Once you have successfully Jailbroken your iOS device. Heed the instructions below.

  • Open CYDIA.
  • Tap on the EDIT button.
  • Tap on Add button.
  • Enter the link: http://cydia.xsellize.com/.
  • Open xSellize and look for ‘Undelete SMS.’
  • When you do find the ‘Undelete SMS.’ tweak. Install it.

After the app is installed, Let Cydia do its work and you sit back. Undelete SMS will start recovering all of your deleted SMS on an iPhone.

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