Recover deleted files with Wondershare Data Recovery on Mac/Windows


If you are a gadget geek who cannot rest without tinkering the handheld or the computing devices lying around you, then loosing the data every now and then should be something more then common with you. While tweaking our devices, particularly trying to pull in new features to our Windows, Mac  or Android device or a USB pen drive, we often go through data wipes and sometime we do not even have the backup and realise later that we have made a mess. In such situations, you need a software that can help you to bring all your files back in one go.screenshot_22

When it comes to use an appropriate software to restore your lost files, you will come across hundreds of software out there but you can never be sure about the one that will work for you. Most of such software will turn out to be useless. That’s where we exactly want to help you as we have picked up a software that actually works like charm. We are talking about Wondershare Data Recovery.

Just as the name suggests, Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac and Windows can work wonderfully to restore all your files be it Music, Photographs, Documents, Emails or the Files and Folders. Wondershare Data Recovery can work for you without putting you in a hustle.

The guys working over Wondershare dropped us a copy of their software and upon testing it, we were urged to share it here with our users. Let’s have a look on the working of this software and see how you can actually use this software to recovery your files.

Wondershare can recovery the following types of content for you:

  • Photos and other Graphical content.
  • MP3 and all other Audio Formats.
  • Video.
  • Documents.
  • Emails.
  • All other file types.



Wondershare allows you to choose where you lost your files and where you want to find them…

This is pretty much of a nifty feature in Wondershare. It allows you to select your storage where you lost your files. In case you are not sure about the storage, you can check the entire device for your lost files. It’s handy when you don’t know when and where you lost your files and its even more handy when you know where you actually lost the files. It will save up a few minutes and bring back your files on the go.


Deep Scan

There is a deep scan feature in Wondershare which will look deep into your selected directory and bring you all the deleted files that can easily be restored. You can check or uncheck this option and perform the scan afterwards. The coolest thing that we found on Wondershare Data Recovery is that it gives you a full preview of your deleted files just before you start to recover them. We tried restoring some pictures that were deleted a few days back and Wondershare didn’t disappoint us. It returned all the deleted images in a few seconds.

Once you perform a scan, Wondershare will begin displaying your deleted files. Select your files and start recovering them.

screenshot_20 screenshot_21

Download Wondershare for Windows | Download Wondershare for Mac OS X

That’s all.