Recover Data From Galaxy S2, S3, S4 With A Broken Screen – How To Guide

Modern Smartphones are no doubt, provide a lot of convenience when it comes to connecting with the world, with just a swipe and a single touch you can learn what is happening in this world. Smartphone also provides a safe way to preserve your data and because of huge storage, users mostly keep their data within the device, after all you can then access it from anywhere, share it with anyone you like, update it on the spot and the best, it remains with you all the time. However, modern smartphones are not as good as they should be, when it comes to the build quality, they broke even if they fall from a little height, if not externally then there will be an internal damage for sure.

That was the reason phone with a physical keyboard were far more reliable than what we are using right now, modern smartphones do gives us a lot of reliability, but we have to make sure that they remain free from any Jerk. Now if you have a Galaxy Flagship, and by any accident you have broken its screen, the next thing you can do is take it to a Reparing shop, but before that you need to secure your data, so in any mishap with your device memory, you have your data saved. The process is not as simple as you think, but if you have no security then it can be easier.


Usually we lock our Mobile phones with security and once we connect it with PC, we need to bypass the lock screen to access the Data. But if your screen is locked, your device will connect to PC, but only for charging, you can’t access any data. The same case is with Samsung Kies, so there is a Suggestion to all of you people, put locks on the Folders and apps in the Mobile, but never use any Lock Screen. Now if you have unable to recover data with any way possible, then we have Two Mehtods to collect your data, including Messages, Videos, Contacts etc.

How To Recover Data From a Broken Galaxy Device

Method 1:

This Method will only work if you have a Samsung account made in your broken Samsung device, if you have a working device, I’ll suggest making a Samsung account right now.

  1. Open Samsung Website.
  2. Click on Find My Mobile.
  3. Login using your Samsung  account,
  4. All the options related with your Samsung Smartphone are available on the screen.
  5. There will be an option to unlock your device remotely.
  6. Unlock your device and then Connect it with PC afterwards, then you can access your data in your Smartphone

Method 2:

This method is a little technical and it requires Hardware tweaking, for this you need the same device, in complete working condition, for example, if you have a Broken Galaxy S3 then you need another Galaxy S3 in working condition.


  1. Just make sure to follow the Steps carefully, so you won’t damage your device.
  2. Take out the Tiny Screws from the Back of your device.
  3. Remove the plastic cover that is covering the Motherboard.
  4. Unclip the Display Cable from both the Phones.
  5. Connect the Cable of working device with the Broken one, now you can see the broken device data on the working screen.
  6. Boot it up and connect it with PC, unlock the Screen and Save all the Data


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