Record iPad and iPhone Screen Using Your Mac


iOS 8 wasn’t the only thing that was released by Apple, that we can say as something new, Apple also released OS X Yosemite, and those who have updated their device to OS X Yosemite are seeing some new features, along with some great performance than before. I tried the beta version of this OS X and man that was the stupid Decision I have ever made, that Lag and slow performance was something that will be there in my mind, if I ever tried to update the Mac to any beta version of OS X. Still the stable version is awesome and filled with some features that are great for people like us and all those who are engaged in solving the common problems of iPhone and iPad, this Screen Recording feature will be very useful in coming times.

Yes! Now you can record your Device screen from your Mac, if your Mac is running OS X Yosemite and your device is on iOS 8 or above. Apple is doing its best to connect Mac with all of its devices, like if you are on same network, you can receive calls on your Mac, send and receive Texts. Quick-Time Player can be used to record screen of your iPhone or iPad, what you need is a Lightning Cable for Connection and other Two Requirements are already mentioned. Without further ado, let us begin.


How To Record Screen Of Your iDevice:

  1. Get your iDevice.
  2. Connect it to your Mac with the Lightning Cable.
  3. Now Launch Quick-Time Player on your Mac.
  4. Navigate to File > New Screen Recording.
  5. You can ease yourself with Control + Cmd + N.
  6. Now you’ll see a new Window, with a Red Record Button
  7. Click the Drop-Down button next to that.
  8. From the Video Selection, Select your device.
  9. Do the Same with Microphone.
  10. Now if you want to Highlights the Touch you make on your iPhone/iPad, Tick the Show Mouse Clicks
  11. Now once the Settings are configured, Click the Red Record Button to Start the Recording.
  12. To Stop the Recording, just click the Menu Bar or Press  Control + Cmd + N.
  13. Enjoy!

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