Purchased Android Apps can be ” return ” within Two hours

There are a couple of things that everyone likes, especially when it comes to purchasing and that means anything and from any source, whether it is a shop or online shopping, if the Shop is offering these two things, the consumer is always happy and also it increase the goodwill of Shop too. One of them is, if the Shop is offering Home Delivery, is Cash at Delivery, that means you get to pay when the package arrives at your house, Consumer feels safe because he knows that the money won’t go to waste, it gives Confidence to consumer and increases the popularity of the seller, most of the Online shop sites are offering this and they are getting best results.


The second thing is Purchase Return, if the Shop is offering returns of Purchases you made, it will make you feel even safer because you know that you have a specific time to try this thing and in case of any fault you can easily return it. It applies to all the Shopping medias, whether they are real shops or you are shopping online. Most of the times they gives you a 7 days check warranty and after that you are on the warranty of the company.

However, Google Play Store has something else to offer, Google has updated some of its policies and now you can Return the Apps you purchased, but only within Two hours after the Purchase has been made. That gives you the time of 2-hours to test the app and if you don’t want or like it, just return it. Before it was a whole day a timeframe of 24 hours, but developers thought it as quite extreme and Google thus brought it to only 15-minutes and the recent policy declared that TimeFrame to be a time of 2-Hours. The Windows Phone are taking the lead in such cases, as they give a Trial of the Paid App and iOS lack both of them.

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