Print SMS and WhatsApp Messages on Android – How To

Well I don’t think that there will be any need of that, but still there are sometimes, when you need a Hard Copy back-up of your Text Messages. Especially if you use your Mobile phone for Business conversations. E-Mail prints are pretty easy to take, but everyone knows that and some 3rd party people won’t be sending you messages over the E-Mail and after the ease provided by the WhatsApp and Mobile Network connectivity, I don’t think that people talk over the mail now a days, they prefer to use Whatsapp or Default Messaging app.

However, you never know when you might need something like this, better safe than sorry. So, we have prepared a Guide on How To Print Txt Messages or WhatsApp messages on Android OS. The work around is not something difficult, all you need is an app and an active internet connection and you are good to do, so without any further ado, let’s get started.


How To Print Text Messages:

By Default there isn’t any option to do something like this, but if you can’t do something like this in Android, then this world is over. There are a couple of apps available, that will take part in this process, we are going to use SMSBackup + App. It is totally simple and free to use. The basic idea is to transfer all your messages to G-Mail account and Print it from the Official G-mail app or from PC.

  1. Download and Install SMSBackup +.
  2. Once installed open it.
  3. Grant the app access over the G-Mail account.
  4. Once done, just press the Back-Up button.
  5. The app will back-up all your messages to your G-Mail account.
  6. By Default all your messages will be stored under the SMS label and Mark as read.
  7. The Conversation chain will be shown as an E-Mil chain and that is what we are use to Print
  8. Now From PC, Log-in to your G-Mail account.
  9. Navigate to SMS label to find all the Back-up messages.
  10. Click on the Conversation you want to print and Click the Print Entire Chain icon on Top.
  11. The Browser will load the entire chain to print, then press the print button.


The same app allows you to Back-Up messages of WhatsApp too, so if you want to Print Whatsapp messages, just do the same as above.

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