Solved: Android Phone not detecting SD Card problem


SD Cards are the best option for Android users to get more space. But sometimes you face a situation like a Phone not detecting SD card. This is a common problem and I have gone through with this a lot of times.

The best privilege an Android user has is the expandable storage option. However, iPhone users never got this option so they cannot feel what its like. We Android users never worry about any space problems, because we got the SD Card power.

If you are getting the insufficient storage message, buy an SD Card and insert into your Android phone. This is it, insufficient storage error message is gone. However, it seems so easy but there a number of users who have faced while using SD Card. The most common among those issue is Android phone not detecting SD card or this device doesn’t support this SD card.

Phone not detecting SD Card
Android Phone not detecting SD Card

Fix Android phone not detecting SD card problem:

There can a large number of factors behind this issue and we will help you fix it. We have collected a few potential solutions to Solve Android phone not detecting SD card problem. Let’s get started.

Gently clean the SD card:

No need to get surprised, this helps. If you have been using a single SD Card on your device for a while. It’s possible that your SD Card accumulates dust and grit. So cleaning the SD Card might just work for you. You can use any type of cleaner to remove grit from your SD Card.

If you don’t have any cleaner, you can use nail polish cleaner. Please keep that in mind, you need to be very gentle while cleaning your SD card. Moreover, it would be best if you use a micro-fiber cloth to clean the SD card.

Once you are done with cleaning, insert the SD Card back into the device and see if it’s working now. If you have no luck then proceed with the next solution to Fix Android phone not detecting SD card problem.

Erase SD card and all the data:

This solution may seem very harsh but desperate time desperate measures. If your card is new or empty then it won’t be an issue but if there is data on the SD card then you will lose it all.

I would suggest before you erase your SD card, try using it another device maybe you are in luck and it works with the other device. If not then you have to proceed with the erasing process. Heed the instructions below.

Phone not detecting SD Card
Phone not detecting SD Card
  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on Device Maintenance.
  • Select Storage and Tap on 3 dots located on the top right corner.
  • You’ll see a pop-up, tap on Storage Settings.
  • Tap the SD Card and select Format.

Use your PC to diagnose:

If you are using Windows 10 on your PC then you are in luck. You can easily Fix your SD Card errors using Windows tools. Heed the instructions below to start the process.

  • Connect your SD card with your PC.
  • Launch Windows Explorer and right-click on MicroSD card driver.
  • Select Properties>Tools>Error Checking.
  • Now Windows will start updating driver software for your SD card it will fix all the errors.
  • Once the process is complete, remove the SD Card from your PC. Put it back in your device and see if it is working.

Format your SD card with the computer:

Whenever I am done playing with my device once I started seeing Phone not detecting SD Card. I always use my PC to format SD card and USB. This is the best solution you can find, sometimes our device not detects the SD Card but our PC does. Once it does you can easily format it and your SD Card will be fresh as new.

  • Copy all of your data from the SD Card and paste in a new folder on your PC.
  • Open My Computer and Right-Click on your SD Card. Select from the list to erase everything from your SD card.
  • Now, wait for the process to be completed. Once it does, open your SD Card and put all of your data back into the card.
  • Eject SD card from the PC and insert back into your device.

If you have still no luck, repeat the process again and again. Try changing the partition type and you will solve Phone not detecting SD Card problem.

Check your Android device’s compatibility:

Before you make any final verdict about your SD Card problem. Make sure your device supports SD Card and also check the capacity compatibility. Since SD Card is also getting advance day by day, not all the device supports the latest SD Card Technology. Moreover, every device has its own limits for SD Card, please check before using any card.

Make sure  SD card is genuine:

To be very honest, there are hundreds of cheap manufactures which are using the name of big guns. Interesting thing is that there is no one stop this if you buy a cheap and fake SD Card chances are that it won’t last that long. You will end up seeing Phone not detecting SD Card. Try the following method to know your SD Card is 100% genuine.

Phone not detecting SD Card

  • Download and Install SD Insight app from Google Play.
  • Insert your SD Card into your Android device.
  • Launch the App and it will tell you all the details for e.g: Company Name, Model, Size, Manufacture Date.

That’s all.

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