One-Click Tool to Unlock and Re-Lock Bootloader of Sony & HTC Devices

You may have heard people talking about and unlocked device and a locked device, that can be split into two contexts. A locked device maybe the one having a locked SIM card restriction, that is put by some carriers to prevent the users from using any other SIM card on their device, while the other context refers to the unlocked bootloader. As off now, our concern is the locked / unlocked bootloader.

The restriction on the bootloader is implemented by the cellphone manufacturers to refrain their users from installing custom recoveries or root their devices in order to keep the status of their phone as close as possible to ¬†official and provide the best security of the device. But there is no end to the Android development, and as long as there are awesome developers, chances are. you won’t be able to stop yourself from going beyond the boundaries and enjoy tweaking your phone to the deepest extent, but to do all this you will probably need an unlocked bootloader, without having it unlocked you won’t be able to load a custom recovery that is one of very basic thing, that paves a way for you to tweak your device.One-Click tool for Sony and HTC bootloaders

Sony and HTC are the ones found putting restriction on their devices’s bootloaders most of the times, while Samsung’s Galaxy devices come with an unlocked bootloader. Samsung’s carrier branded devices may have a locked bootloader otherwise rest are unlocked. Nexus device also come with a locked bootloader, but those devices are the easiest to unlock and there is a list of methods to do so. Although Sony and HTC, both provide a way to unlock the bootloader on their official sites, but the method may take a few minutes and may require you to understand the things first. So, in the case a much easy tool was needed for this purpose.

To make the things easier for you, KingoApp has come up with a One-Click tool. The tool is quite simple, although it is self explanatory, but we’ve explained the steps to unlock your phone’s bootloader in detail below. This tool is compatible with almost all devices of Sony and HTC as per said by the developers.

Let’s have a look on the features of this tool first:

      • Safe and Easy to Use.
      • Unlocking + Re-Locking capabilities.
      • Based on the official way to unlock the bootloader.
      • Supports most HTC and Sony devices.
      • Automatically retrieves the OEM Unlock Key and performs other required tasks.

Although the tool is safe, but we still highly insist on using this tool at your own risk. Also, don’t forget to backup all your important media content, contacts, call logs and important text messages as upon unlocking the bootloader your phone will be completely wiped.

How to Use One-Click Bootloader Unlock Tool:

      1. Download and install the Bootloader Unlock/Lock Tool for your device: Download for Sony | Download for HTC.
      2. Open the Bootloader Unlock Tool.
      3. Enable USB debugging mode on your phone, to do so open settings > developer options > Enable USB debugging mode. In case you are on Android 4.2.2 and can’t find the Developer Options in settings, tap About Device in settings and tap “Build Number” for 7 times to get the Developer Options enabled in settings.
      4. Make sure that you’ve a working internet connection. Also make sure that you’ve installed the USB drivers for your device.
      5. Launch the Bootloader Unlock Tool now.
      6. Connect your phone to your PC.
      7. Wait for the Unlock button to get green, as soon as it gets green click it.
      8. Follow the On-Screen instructions now, and get it unlocked.bootloader-unlock-android bootloader-unlock-htc

Voilaa! That’s All! Pretty much easy, right?. You can load any custom recovery now, flash custom ROMs and do a lot more on your Sony or HTC device. In case you got any queries or face any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to stop by the comment box and drop us your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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