NYAA Torrents Is Dead: Top NYAA Alternatives 2018


Bad news for Anime/Hentai freaks, NYAA Torrents Is Dead. NYAA was the world’s most popular anime torrents website.

As we all know that nowadays privacy is the biggest concern in the world. Back in the days, Torrent sites were running wild and you can find anything on them. But now things have changed here and we have seen many big guns go down. In addition to that, now the biggest Anime/Hentai Torrent site which was called NYAA Torrents, which is shut down.

It was confirmed by the Admin of NYAA Torrents that they had to shut down the website. It seems that was the only resort for them to stay from court proceedings which could end badly for them. Moreover, they also told that shutting down NYAA was their own decision. Nobody or government was behind this decision.

That was heartbreaking for Anime/Hentai lovers community because they have no other reliable source. But no need to be startle anymore because our team worked really hard and they have collected the best NYAA Alternatives. All of the sites we are providing will get you what you want.

There are a lot of big names but to be honest you cannot compare with NYAA Torrents. I am talking about sites like BakaBT, HorribleSubs and Tokyo Toshokan and more. Following are the best anime/hentai download torrent websites or you can say top NYAA Alternatives 2018.

NYAA Torrents Is Dead: Top NYAA Alternatives 2018

NYAA Torrents Is Dead: Top NYAA Alternatives 2018:

Following is the list of all the best anime/hentai download torrent websites. We have categorized them for your convenience. Enjoy!

Nyaa alternative sites:

Nyaa mirror websites:

Nyaa Sukebei alternatives:

  • Oppaitime
  • JAVjunkies
  • OneJAV

Nyaa Sukebei mirror 100% Working.

Here you go these were all the best Nyaa alternative, Nyaa Sukebei alternatives, and Nyaa mirror websites. All of these websites are active and working. Please let us know in the comments section if we missed any.

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