Nexus 7:6 Potential Problems and Their Solutions.


When I start hearing news about Nexus 7 and it’s problems, I thought to give it a try. So, I convinced one of my friends to bought a Nexus 7, so i can try different experiments on it, Yeah I know i am a genius, first thing i found about it was the lag after i updated it to Android 4.2.2. Second was the Response of touchscreen and the third was flickering of Screen.


As I tried to find their solutions, i found many more along with them. So, i thought why not I share them with you people, In this Article, i will tell you 6 Potential problems about Nexus 7 and their solutions also.

Let’s get to the Problems and their solutions:

First: Bad Performance After Android 4.2 Update:

What i found was, that if your device is rooted and you did the Update, many of the files won’t merge because Super Su is not giving them permission, so in order to get the full result, here is the solution.

After the update, Open Settings and perform a Factory Reset. After the reset, even if your device is rooted the performance will be great.


Second: Touchscreen responsiveness Problem.

If your Nexus 7 is doing such thing, just go into settings and disable the Google currents from Syncing on Background. Open Settings, Google Account and un-tick the Enable Background Sync.



Third:Tablet Won’t Turn On.

If you are having such problem, or your device is completely frozen the only solution is to pull out the battery and re-insert it. But since it’s not possible in Nexus 7, so we’ll do it the other way. Press the power button for Exact 30 seconds, even if you have Press the power button for a long time, try pressing it again for 30 seconds it will do the trick.



Fourth: Screen separation:

Well i don’t know the exact cause but you can try this XDA guide for the fixing process.\

Fifth: Screen Flicker:

If your Nexus 7 screen flickers at low light conditions, especially at 10% battery and WI-Fi on you can see the screen flickering if you open your browser. If you are experiencing such problem, Do the following solution.

Open Screen settings, Open Wi-fi, tap Menu, tap advance and un-check WI-Fi optimization.



Sixth:Washed out Colors After a video.

The Nexus 7 uses “NVIDIA PRISM Display Technology” to decrease the backlight and increase contrast and color situation while you watch videos. After watching a Video, you might find that colors are a bit washed out and bleached, that is because NVIDIA PRISM Display Technology restores the default settings but sometimes it doesn’t.

Temporarily solution is to Press the power button tot turn the screen off and press it again to turn it on.

Permanent Solution is to turn off the Nvidia Prism, but it will also decrease battery life, while you are watching videos.

If you had any other problem ,please share with us in Comment section.