[ Netflix ] Clear Continue Watching List


In this Post, I’ll tell you a simple method to clear Continue Watching List from your Netflix account. While you are watching shows on NetFlix a new list of titles of shows appears with the label continue watching. It’s not a big deal but sometimes it feels irritating so let’s start the method to Clear Continue Watching List from NetFlix.

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netflix remove from continue watching

Netflix Remove from Continue Watching:

Please follow the steps carefully in order to Clear Continue Watching List from your Netflix Account. I’ll be using Netflix on the browser so try in on your PC.

  • Open NetFlix on your browser using this URL ( Click Here ). Login with your account details.

Netflix Remove from Continue Watching

  • Once logged in, take the note of the titles you want to remove from the continue watching label.
  • Now, Head over to the right top corner of the website and click on your name->Your Account->My Profile section->Viewing Activity.

Netflix Remove from Continue Watching

  • Viewing Activity show all the history that you have streamed on Netflix. You’ll see all the list of the show or shows that you have watched, Click on the episode name and then click on X.
  • Now if you want to remove the complete series from the list, Click on Remove Series option highlighted in the deleting message.
  • This is all, Now when you head back to NetFlix homepage you won’t see the Continue Watching List.

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